Monday, April 21, 2008

The Countdown Begins

8 Days from today! Tuesday April 29th, 2008 Grand Theft Auto: 4 finally drops. I'm so excited!


  1. i wish i had a 360. :(

    Hell, i wish i had a tv that was bigger than 13" and only has a coax connector so that I could play my would-be 360 on it without having to route it through my crappy vcr.

  2. OK, the Liberty City radio station you just added is cool as hell!


  4. Oh god! Games advancing past current hardware specs?!?!

    It's the end of the world! What are we going to do? Now we will have to continue buying new hardware to stay up-to-date to play current games! The whole industry will collapse.

    Now is the 360 paying for a mistake in wanting to be out first and not wait on HD disk mediums? Sure, you could make that argument. The same I could make the argument that Nintendo duped a huge crop of gamers into buying a repackaged GameCube that has a new controller and all the same old games.

    I'm comfortable in the fact that I could buy the next 5 generations of the XBOX platform and finally equal the same amount of money I spent the upgrading my PC dozens upon dozens of times to play games on it.

  5. I could also argue that microsoft made the same mistake sega did. Snap!

    I think there are 3 games total for the xbox 360 that I can't play on my PC or my soon to arrive PS3. They look better in general on either, and are not feature limited by dying media.

    I love my wii. I tend to play it more than my PC, maybe its because I have kids and there are fun family games. Or we tend to have friends over and there are alot of awesome party games. It helps that the price point is so low. Me, I will always go towards good game play rather than shiny graphics. I just finished playing through Fable (PC Version, suck it xbox) just because it was a fun gaming experience.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm a HUGE fan of the original xbox. All you have to do is hack the firm ware, install xbox media center on it, and don't stick any games in it, and you have yourself a nice little piece of hardware.

    I don't knock xbox360 fanboys anymore. I'll allways be a PC/Sony/Nintedo Fanboy. Theres plenty of market share out there (until the forthcoming economy crash), and the market will decide what lives and dies. Judging by current numbers, nintendo will be around for another round. Christ, its allmost sold more combined than the xbox360 AND the Ps3. The DS has sold double what the PSP has. Sony is slowly catching up to xbox360, and its going to fucking SHINE in the later life of this gen, just like the ps2 did last gen. Towards the end there were quite a few PS2 (And a couple gamecube, RE4 anyone) games that completely blew away the xbox graphics and gameplay. If playstation home, and little big world take off, and they keep offering primo games that look better and have more content I don't question that they will be second place by the end of this gen. Wii in first. Thats my call at least.