Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spelling My Name

A guy at work tonight and I were talking about how people misspell my name as "Corey" instead of "Cory". And I really dont care at unless it's some super important document. More often then not when I correct them that there isnt an "e" in it, they immediately say something to the affect that they thought the male version of my name is spelled with an "e".

So to set the record straight, here it is straight from the interbutts (so you know it's 100%):


Gender: Masculine

Language: English


Cory is an Irish-Anglo surname with many possible sources:
  1. Cory comes from Corbin, based on the Latin word “corvus” meaning Raven.
  2. Cory comes from an English surname meaning “Chosen.”
  3. Cory comes from Corrick, an Irish surname meaning “From the Round Hill.”
  4. Cory comes form an Irish surname meaning “Ravine.”
  5. Cory comes from a Germanic surname, Cordell, which meant a “Maker of Cord.”
  6. Cory is an English surname based on the Scandinavian, Kori, of unknown meaning.
  7. Cory is from an Irish Gaelic surname Ó Camraidhe, meaning “A Descendent of Camhradhe.”

Cory is one of those names like Sherman, Ashley, Russell, or Harrison, that was a surname transferred to become a first name (mostly in the United States).

Pronunciation: core-ee.

Alternates: Cori, Corey, Kori, Korey, Kory


  1. yay! a subject i actually have some experience with. That means i don't have to talk out my bumm *snicker* this time.

    first of all, i've never met a female cory. lets just do a quick search on google's image search for "cory" to see if it's more men then wom....OH MY GOD!!!!!!

    OK. Scratch that! Lets move on.

    Just wait until a major motion picture comes out that makes a similar pronunciation of your name a pop culture icon.

    They don't get the correct pronunciation mind you. No, that would make you cool. Instead they F* it up just enough to make you the butt of jokes well into your 30's.

    Ah, to think back to the endless barage of "Bueller....Bueller....Bueller....Bueller..." jokes that i've heard. Kind of makes me warm and fuzzy inside.

    Then, to add insult to injury are the ones that aren't even competent enough to get the obvious reference right and just throw random letters in for fun.

    I distinctly remember the few times that i was a "Buchler" while in the navy.

    finally, what i consider the ultimate. I actually stopped going by my real name for 3 years while in the navy to simplify not only my own life, but for everyone who ever interacted with me.

    so, for the majority of my naval career i was not airman buehler. you would have known me as airmen bueller.

    i'll leave you now to deal with your stray "e"


  2. At least your not Happy Buehler!!
    Fuck adam sandler.

    BTW. HAHA HD-DVD fans. Nice shiny piece of junk you got attached to your xbox 360.. har har har har. MWAHAHAHAHAA

  3. Kibbles 'n Bits 'n Bits 'n Bits.

  4. It's kinda like when you get employee of the month at FNGi, and on the plaque they spell your name as Shaun instead of Shawn. That would suck.