Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I quit smoking and look what happens!

This is the river near where I work. It still hasnt hit its crest yet, but it's getting close. We got a LOT of rain, lot of localized flooding going on. I think it's either global warming or the fact that I quit smoking.

Yep, I'm taking Chantix and wow does it work. I'm only 3 days in but I've gone from 1 pack a day to like 10 cigarettes total. Actually today I think I've had 3 so far. The stuff is built up enough in my body to where I'm getting NO buzz or hit off the cigarette at all. It's weird trying to smoke and nothing happening. This coming Monday, if I havent already by then, I will be at zero cigarettes per day.

I just hope I feel like crap because I'm sick and not from the side effects or the nicotine withdrawl.


  1. sweet baby jesus!

    maybe someone else finally found that giant flush lever and took matters into their own hands.

  2. God's toilet got backed up. He makes big poops.

  3. OK, Seriously. Your quiting smoking has had larger repercussions than you think.

    In the few days since you've quit smoking the following has happened:

    1) Wednesday at 1:30pm - Our phones go dead until 8:45am the next morning
    2) Thursday at 4:15pm - The ENTIRE town of Bryan goes dark. Power is out until 9:30pm that night.
    3) Friday at 8:40am - The camcorder used for this mornings associate meeting fails to record and now will not eject the tape.

    Dude, worlds are colliding. I'm not saying that by you not smoking the world is coming to an end, but it is a little odd.

  4. Your lsacking off on the nicotine is also directly responsible for Thursday rehearsals being cancelled. Yeah, you heard me.