Friday, February 15, 2008

5 hours sleep

So what's up everyone? Wow, been another lull in posts recently (my apologies).

Hamlet is really ramping up and between that and work and learning lines, I'm trying to cut back on the amount of time I spend on the computer at home. And my 360 is missing me desperately. The poor thing.

The most intensive thing I've been doing lately other than Hamlet is updating the ID3 tags and album art on my vast array of MP3s. I never really bothered too much in making sure that stuff was accurate, but now with my Zune (and it's ability to show this data) - I'm becoming obsessed with having all the right info on my songs. Thank god there is MP3Tag or else I would go insane trying to accomplish this.

And another crisis has been averted as I have gone back to smoking. I know, I know but shup. I got to day 5 on the Chantix and it was REALLY making me sick. I dont know if it wasnt mixing well with my other medicine or what but I was NOT in a good way with it. So I'm going to give it 2 weeks or so and try the patches. Although when I mention that out loud to people I keep adding more weeks to the time I'm going to start. *shrugs*

In other exciting news I was able to get a second opinion about my keratoconus. The cornea specialist at the Ohio State University Hospital agreed that the Intacs didnt do squat and that he doesnt think they ever really help with keratoconus. So he said I'm down to either a new contact or corneal transplant. There is a super special new soft-ridged contact that has just come out that they are going to fit me with next week. I've worn one of these before (it's a hard contact in the center, but the edges are soft so it "sticks" to the eye as opposed to "bite" the eye) and it wasnt good after awhile because it let no oxygen or moisture to my cornea. Well this new lense is super oxygen and moisture permeable so it should be easier to wear. Ultimately I will have to have the surgery, but he wants me to try to wait because next year they will be doing a procedure they are perfecting right now with dual lasers and laser extraction on both the patient and donor eye which makes it like 100x better healing and very low chance of an astigmatism developing due to uneven healing. So woot for that!

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