Friday, February 22, 2008

Blu-ray boycott is dead.

Well it looks like my boycott of Blu-ray is over, now that Toshiba has thrown in the towel on HD-DVD.

Honestly I couldnt care one way or the other. They both offer HD content, so whatever. The only downside for me is that I HATE Sony. But since they have to split the royalties with like 13 other companies (like Samsung, whom I like) it's not so bad. It's not their own personal format. So whatever.

I'm glad it's over so that there's no doubt about the things we are buying, however I dont really like that the corporations made the choice for us consumers in the end. But oh well.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spelling My Name

A guy at work tonight and I were talking about how people misspell my name as "Corey" instead of "Cory". And I really dont care at unless it's some super important document. More often then not when I correct them that there isnt an "e" in it, they immediately say something to the affect that they thought the male version of my name is spelled with an "e".

So to set the record straight, here it is straight from the interbutts (so you know it's 100%):


Gender: Masculine

Language: English


Cory is an Irish-Anglo surname with many possible sources:
  1. Cory comes from Corbin, based on the Latin word “corvus” meaning Raven.
  2. Cory comes from an English surname meaning “Chosen.”
  3. Cory comes from Corrick, an Irish surname meaning “From the Round Hill.”
  4. Cory comes form an Irish surname meaning “Ravine.”
  5. Cory comes from a Germanic surname, Cordell, which meant a “Maker of Cord.”
  6. Cory is an English surname based on the Scandinavian, Kori, of unknown meaning.
  7. Cory is from an Irish Gaelic surname Ó Camraidhe, meaning “A Descendent of Camhradhe.”

Cory is one of those names like Sherman, Ashley, Russell, or Harrison, that was a surname transferred to become a first name (mostly in the United States).

Pronunciation: core-ee.

Alternates: Cori, Corey, Kori, Korey, Kory

Friday, February 15, 2008

5 hours sleep

So what's up everyone? Wow, been another lull in posts recently (my apologies).

Hamlet is really ramping up and between that and work and learning lines, I'm trying to cut back on the amount of time I spend on the computer at home. And my 360 is missing me desperately. The poor thing.

The most intensive thing I've been doing lately other than Hamlet is updating the ID3 tags and album art on my vast array of MP3s. I never really bothered too much in making sure that stuff was accurate, but now with my Zune (and it's ability to show this data) - I'm becoming obsessed with having all the right info on my songs. Thank god there is MP3Tag or else I would go insane trying to accomplish this.

And another crisis has been averted as I have gone back to smoking. I know, I know but shup. I got to day 5 on the Chantix and it was REALLY making me sick. I dont know if it wasnt mixing well with my other medicine or what but I was NOT in a good way with it. So I'm going to give it 2 weeks or so and try the patches. Although when I mention that out loud to people I keep adding more weeks to the time I'm going to start. *shrugs*

In other exciting news I was able to get a second opinion about my keratoconus. The cornea specialist at the Ohio State University Hospital agreed that the Intacs didnt do squat and that he doesnt think they ever really help with keratoconus. So he said I'm down to either a new contact or corneal transplant. There is a super special new soft-ridged contact that has just come out that they are going to fit me with next week. I've worn one of these before (it's a hard contact in the center, but the edges are soft so it "sticks" to the eye as opposed to "bite" the eye) and it wasnt good after awhile because it let no oxygen or moisture to my cornea. Well this new lense is super oxygen and moisture permeable so it should be easier to wear. Ultimately I will have to have the surgery, but he wants me to try to wait because next year they will be doing a procedure they are perfecting right now with dual lasers and laser extraction on both the patient and donor eye which makes it like 100x better healing and very low chance of an astigmatism developing due to uneven healing. So woot for that!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I quit smoking and look what happens!

This is the river near where I work. It still hasnt hit its crest yet, but it's getting close. We got a LOT of rain, lot of localized flooding going on. I think it's either global warming or the fact that I quit smoking.

Yep, I'm taking Chantix and wow does it work. I'm only 3 days in but I've gone from 1 pack a day to like 10 cigarettes total. Actually today I think I've had 3 so far. The stuff is built up enough in my body to where I'm getting NO buzz or hit off the cigarette at all. It's weird trying to smoke and nothing happening. This coming Monday, if I havent already by then, I will be at zero cigarettes per day.

I just hope I feel like crap because I'm sick and not from the side effects or the nicotine withdrawl.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Yes We Can (song)

Apple's ability to create something new

I dont want to start a flame war here, or a "My dick is bigger than your dick" discussion.

But I want you to leave a comment and name one thing that Apple has created completely by themselves. Not from a company they bought and folded into themselves or something they bought, stole, borrowed, or in any other way received from another company or individual.

I know other companies do this stuff, so dont start changing the question and inserting another company in place of Apple. I just want to know about Apple. I honestly want to know. Name ONE thing they ever created.

Friday, February 01, 2008

New Toy & Some Infos

So I bought a Zune 80GB (black) and it is AMAZING. I am so in love with it. Great picture, sound, software the whole bit.

And I forgot to mention in my Koch Hall post from the other day, but while I was there I used my first public unisex bathroom. Like not one that could be either, but one for more than one person that was unisex. Okay so maybe I lead a boring life when things like that are fun and new.

Play rehearsals are going well. We almost have the whole play "blocked". Which means knowing where you are supposed to enter from and exit to and where to stand and walk while you're out there. You have a bit of leeway when you are doing it, but there are so many factors that go into the movement of people and props on the stage, I really dont think people quite understand how complex it can be.

Oh and today I overslept for only the second time ever in 10.5+ years at work. I dont know what happened but my alarm was set, it just never rang. So now I will probably need to get a new alarm clock - at least it didnt meet it's fate like my other alarm clock at the end of a big stick. That thing was in pieces before I even woke up enough to realize what I was doing.