Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Update on my 360

Well I received my third XBOX 360 back yesterday from the repair center and since I sent in a Core unit, they sent me back another Core unit. Ugh.

This one works fine and the Hitachi DVD Drive is a lot quieter than the last one while it's spinning ... HOWEVER - it makes a horrible screeching noise. It sounds like it happens as the laser is traveling and parking.

So I called the XBOX repair center and talked to an agent and he went thru his script about how the 360 makes some noise from the optical drive and fans, etc. and I explained my situation to him and told him I didnt want this system. He said he could do an RMA on it, but he said if the repair center cant find something wrong I will either get this one back or another Core unit replacement.

I told him this wasnt acceptable, as I was tired of getting the 2 year old loud and broken DVD Drives back and I wanted to be sure I got some new hardware. So I asked to speak with a supervisor and apparently they are all super busy so I had to schedule a callback for today between 2pm and 4pm. So here I sit waiting for their call.

In the meantime I've confirmed that the Gamestop in a nearby town has Arcade units that according to 360drives.com probably has the new super quiet BENQ drive in it. And they have an HDMI port. I havent confirmed if they have the new Falcon chips on them or not. Only trouble there is that Gamestop will only give me $130 on my trade-in on my Core unit. *sigh* So depending on what the XBOX Supervisor says, I might just go over to Gamestop and trade my unit in and a bunch of old games, etc and just buy me an Arcade unit that they have.


  1. So the Supervisor never called me back during the time frame I left for them. Which is actually a surprise out of Microsoft hardware support as they are normally always super helpful and right on top of stuff.

    Oh well. I took my chances and traded in the Core unit and some games and one of my wired controllers at the local Gamestop and picked up one of the Arcade units they had. So now I have a 360 on the new motherboard build, with HDMI and *drum roll* a SUPER quiet Ben-Q DVD Drive! YAY!!!

    Only thing it's really missing is that it's using the Zephyr chip based on the power rating (203w) as opposed to the newest Falcon chip (175w) but I dont care they are no faster or whatever.

    And the Arcade unit came with another wireless controller, a 256MB memory card and the arcade game disk. The only bad part is you have to play the arcade games off the disk and cant put them on the drive, but big whoop.

  2. So did you pick up a carbon credit when you bought it? Shame on you, power monger! tee hee...

    Is that arcade game the one that comes with Pacman and Feeding Frenzy?

  3. Yeah the Arcade comes with Pacman, Feeding Frenzy, Luxor 2, uh something else and UNO!!!

    UNO is AWESOME!!! So addictive.

    ---Update 3---

    I called XBOX Support last night to get my extended warranty changed over from the last 360 Core unit they sent me and this new Arcade unit. Crap thing is that you have to write them a physical letter with all the details to get that switched. No biggie I guess.

    That and the tech I spoke with was way more helpful and I told him I still wanted a supervisor to call me. So he will be calling me sometime on Saturday around 11am.

    I'm not going to be super bitchy to them, but I'm going to complain. Especially after I found this nugget, "A replacement with the latest features, in the unlikely event your Xbox console or controller cant be fixed" in the list of things for their Extended Warranty which I have.

    I guess I should have waited to make the trade until I got a better resolution from Microsoft, but oh well. Maybe they'll comp me or something. *shrugs*

  4. Hooray for progress!! All hail Microsoft.
    I'm sure you're complaints will be duly noted and filed with all the rest.
    I think cheapyD from Cheap ass gamer has went through like 13 360s.