Monday, January 14, 2008

To be or not to be ...

Auditions for Hamlet have started and I'm surprised by the small turn out. All my friends are back from the fall production Monster (well with some exceptions) so that's great, but very few new people.

At any rate, the first night was great. My nephew Jordan went with me and tried out for different parts. He got along great and even though he was a little shy and quiet he got right up there and tried out. I was proud of him for that. I read for a few different parts on Thursday night but then on Friday night I read entirely just for the part of Hamlet.

I felt a bit unsure in parts, whether I was good or bad or what. But everyone seemed to like what I did. It will be tough though because the few other guys reading are great at what they do too. This seems to be the one thing I dont like about the theater is the competition and the chances of someone getting their feelings hurt.

At any rate, I had an awesome audition scene with my friend Rachel that she thought was great and literally gave me chills. We really went for it and she got a wonderful, and well deserved compliment from the director afterwards.

Tomorrow night is another audition and for this one the director wanted the people reading for Hamlet to memorize a speech of some 30 lines and get familiar with another small speech. Well I didnt know I had it in me, but I memorized both in the span of two days. In the car, at work, while smoking, I worked it and got them both down. So now I can recite the "To be or not to be" speech from memory and the other one as well.

I really hope I get the part of Hamlet, because the thrill of doing this is amazing on so many levels. However I am scared about ALL the memorization that needs done. But I'll never know unless I try and in a month if I cant remember a "hawk from a hand saw" then they still have a chance to can me and get someone else. haha

Wish me luck!

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  1. Best Wishes! Man sooner or later you're going to be one of those Crazy old people that barks out a famous quote every 10 minutes.

    You will do good, you always did a good job at pretending to be a nice guy. tee hee hee