Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Oh what a rogue and peasant slave he is ...

Well auditions went well last night. The other guys reading for Hamlet were really on their game and I felt a bit out of my league in some respects.

The reading of my "To be" speech seemed a little anti-climatic. I dont know what I was expecting to happen, it was just sort of like ... over too fast. That and I got so roped up in the emotion of it I had a hard time breaking out of it again. Something that troubles me as I dont want to depress myself so much I run around moping for months on end or worse. :P

At any rate, I've given it some thought and today when I meet with the director for a one-on-one, I'm going to gracefully bow out of the running for the role of Hamlet. While a challenge, yes, - that's the only thing that interests me about the role. I find Hamlet a detestable, spoiled, arrogant, jerk and have not been able to find one thing about him I like about him. And since part of playing him is to have the audience like him to an extent I think my performance would be sullied by how I view him and I would make them hate me, as I hate him.

I identify and like the part of Laertes much more and will ask to play he. Not that I think I could simply ask and it be granted as there are other good Laertes as well, but ask to be in the running for that part instead of Hamlet.

So we'll see how that goes tonight. Plus Laertes is a bit smaller part so then I can work on the sets and do the construction that needs done. Oh and Laertes gets to kill Hamlet, so that will be fun too. :)

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