Monday, January 28, 2008

I'm sitting in Koch Hall

I'm sitting in Koch Hall at Wittenberg University waiting for an art lecture to start and I'm bored out of my mind.


  1. I was going to say the same thing.....

    DOUBLE Deja Vu!

    Now due to my Obsessive Compulsive Tendencies I must go take a bath in a giant tub of barbecue sauce.

  2. I was posting that from my cell phone and I sent it twice because I thought the first one had died. :P

  3. Oh yeah suuuure. What kinda cell phone you got? Smartphone? PDA Phone?

  4. An EnV.

    I saw a billboard the other day for WATCH TV with a dog using a computer.

    I cant believe you guys are trying to encourage dogs to get online.

  5. Hey we take what we can get buddy.

    I'm using a Samsung SCH-i760 and it's fooking GREAT.

  6. Oh god that phone is hotness.

    How's the battery life on it when the WLAN stuff is active?

    Does Verizon somehow try to lock that stuff down and limit you or is it pretty seemless?

  7. I had the xv6700 for a year and a half and this one stomps it into little pieces.

    NO limitations on WLAN being on. It's the only pda phone I've found that feels almost more like a phone with PDA features.

    Battery life? Well it comes with a standard _and_ extended battery and if you look at the pics the extended is only about 1/16" thicker. It's nuts. I rarely have it go completely dead, and I've been known to watch feature length films on it. : D

    The only thing that I am frustrated about is there is no T9 input with the external keypad, it's multitap only for text input. That sucks HARD. It uses a form of t9 for dialing from the home screen, which is superb, but otherwise I stick with the full slide-out keyboard. I'm sure someone will come up with a hack or app that will allow it eventually. Also the included usb cable doesn't charge it but you can buy a third party one that does.

    The backlighting on the keyboard is amazing also, and the thing is built like a friggin tank. I've dropped it several times from waist height, once on concrete and got nothing more than a minor scratch or two. And the screen is nice and bright at the highest setting.

    One interesting thing to note - the slide-out mechanism uses a magnet to detect the keyboard is out and then it landscapes the display. Just about any cell case you buy these days uses magnet snaps on the flap. My phone kept turning on when I put it in the case and I was calling people and all sort of flaky stuff. I ended up cutting the inside magnet out and replacing it with a washer. I stitched the hole shut and you can't see it when the case is closed, no not a huge deal there, but it was irritating.