Friday, December 28, 2007

Thunder in the toilet

So I have this great idea. I think they should play thunderstorm CD's in public restrooms. The random booming thunder would help cover up poop noises and the steady rain noise would help people with public piss syndrome.

What does everyone think?


  1. Well good idea, except for those who are afraid of thunderstorms are now forced to use their residential toilets.

    And also, it would be quite tricky to time the exact "poop" with the actual thunder. If you do it as soon as you hear the thunder and then the thunder stops before you're done.... embarrassing.

  2. Why not just play even louder pre recorded pooping noises? At random intervals, coming from different stalls..

  3. Three words:

    Noise Cancelling Toilets

  4. Well I was thinking if it was random thunder noises it would not cover all of them, but hopefully you wouldnt also be able to tell what was thunder and what was explosive diarrhea.

  5. probably cause some sort of law suit bull