Friday, December 07, 2007

My XBOX 900 er, 360

Well I got my new XBOX 360 back and they sent me a CORE SDK, which is fine because the one I bought was a CORE. I was hoping they would send me a new one with and HDMI port on it, but I cant complain I wasnt slighted at all.

Except, this new one has the LOUDEST DVD-Drive I've ever heard. At first I just thought it was me hearing the 360 running again after it's absence, so I let it go for a few days bow WOW is this thing loud. Like 10x louder than the one I had prior.

So I called XBOX Support and explained my situation to them, even though I felt like a whiney asshole, and they are going to replace it again for free! YAY Microsoft. Hopefully this time I get a quiet BenQ drive and an HDMI port.

All of this barring that I cant transfer my warranty to a new one, I might just go out and buy a new 360 with what I want in it and sell this one.


  1. Wow
    You have allmost gone through as many 360's as I went through Ps2's.
    But.. that was over a 5 year period. And 2 were my fault.
    Goddamn the 360 is a piece of poop.

  2. Ugh.

    Go play your PSwhatever.

  3. I wish I could get off my giant pile of money and go buy a PS3, or a Xbox 360 with HDDVD upgrade so I don't get dicked over when they start putting games out on HDDVD. But I spent all my monies on a kick ass PC that plays 90 percent of the games that come out for the ps3, and the xbox 360. Then i have a Wii for the rest of them...

  4. Don't get me wrong.. its nice that Microsoft is so willing to replace your broken console, but you should ask if they could try sending you a not as broken one back.. har har har..