Friday, December 07, 2007

Blu-ray boycott

So several movies that I would like to own are coming out ONLY on Blu-Ray and this really pisses me off. Not that it's only Blu-ray, but because I hate the exclusivity of this sort of thing. At least with exclusive video game titles it's normally from the studio that is owned by the game console manufacturer, so you can understand (well unless your Sony). But when companies do it to lock people into being forced to buy a certain console or player or movie, etc. it's bad for consumers.

So that is why I am officially boycotting Superbad and Spiderman 3 on both Blu-ray and DVD. I will not buy or rent these movies as I dont want any part of this. Now you could call me a hypocrit because I bought the Transformers HD-DVD, however I had no choice in that. Just as I dont slight the actual owners of Blu-ray players who buy Blu-ray exclusive titles.

At least the boycott of Spiderman 3 will be easy due to two reasons:

1) It fucking sucked.

and the second ...


  1. Oh please tell me that wasn't really a clip from the movie. I haven't even seen it yet and I want my money back.

    : ''' (

    Why must all good things in this industry turn to poop?

  2. That is HONESTLY part of the movie.

    And that's not all the worst of that movie.

    At least it wasnt a "Batman & Robin", but it was heading that way. BLEH!!!

  3. Cory is disrespecting Spider-Man?!

    What's next?

    Claiming that Batman could beat Spider-Man in a fight?

    Worlds are colliding!

  4. Nigga's PLEASE!
    You are OK with motherfucking organic spinners, and that bothers you?

    Movie adaptations of comic books are look movie adaptations of novels. Weak sauce compared to the original.
    I've completely given up on comic book movies, as it tends to make people who watch them into instant comic book "fans" (I use that term soooo loosely) who have never even read a fucking comic book. But I guess thats the curmudgeonly elitist in me. Maybe it is like this shirt says

  5. Movie adaptations of comic books are look

    Should be:

    Movie adaptations of comic books are like

  6. And just to be clear Scott.. WHICH spiderman and WHICH batman are we matching up?
    less intelligent, organic web spinner sissy movie spiderman VS Frank Miller's Dark Knight. My money is on bats...

  7. You just said that you get this with games, but SONY MADE SPIDERMAN 3!
    The font for the Playstation 3 promotion is even the same as the ones used on Spiderman movie posters.

    Then you act like this is a new development in the entertainment industry? Ever heard of Betamax? Most of the same studios who jumped on Blu Ray jumped on Beta exclusivity for it's visual superiority in the late 70's. VHS just got lucky because it was cheaper to make and they liscened the technology to make tapes to the porn industry.
    Sounds like sour grapes that you early adopted the wrong format. With two expensive competing D technologies, people are just going to go with the better and more widely used format if it costs the same amount of cash.

  8. Okay it's official I'm turning off anon comments. I'm tired of people spouting off without having the balls to put their names on it.

  9. And I also have to add that "sour grapes" doesnt apply as I could easily attain a blu-ray drive and movies, I choose not to do so. So the metaphor doesnt work. It also doesnt work because there is no real difference between the two formats in terms of visual and audio presentation (in a "Pepsi Challenge" I bet <1% of people would be able to pick which format was which - that is unless they were playing Spiderman 3 or the Ballad of Ricky Bobby).

    And regardless of whether Sony made the movie or not, they still release it on DVD and to theaters and other non-proprietary delivery venues. So my point was if they wanted to do an exclusive product tie-in, you can really only do that with game systems (and to a lesser extent the blu-ray or HD-dvd - if you didnt also release the movie on dvd as well).

    And Betamax was NOT superior in anyway to VHS. Ugh. Betamax 1, had a better picture resolution than VHS, but the tape was only an hour long, compared to VHS's 2 hour tapes. So when Sony came out with their second gen Betamax stuff and made them two hours long, guess what? The picture resolution and quality equaled that of VHS. Obviously the porn helped, but it wasnt the only reason Betamax died out.

  10. Yeah, but ummm. What about the HD-DVD only films? Shouldn't we be boycotting BOTH formats until the industry stops trying to dick us over and chooses ONE format before shoving shit on us?

  11. I totally agree, but there in lies the problem with the owners of one or the other. And a boycott doesnt really work for the people that dont own either format. So we are screwed out of that tactic too.

  12. indeed my friend.. therein lies the rub..

  13. Blu-Ray RULES! Wheeee!

    *Runs Away*

  14. I wish nintendo would hurry up and back a format.. Oh wait.. dvd is still perfectly fine...

  15. Have they finally added DVD playback to the Wii? I thought I heard they had.

    Which is good because I heard it was harder than hell to cram a VHS tape into that damn thing.

  16. No, I have dvd-players and and hacked xbox's all around the house to play my dvds and divx.
    It is one fucking hell of a video game system though..

  17. The Wii doesnt have DVD playback then? I'm confused. I dont really follow the Wii and only know of one person who hasnt sold theirs yet.

  18. I really don't know if it does support DVD MOVIE playback or not, what I meant is that they picked DVD-9 as their media of choice.
    Fanboy or not.. its a awesome system.
    I know alot more people who have a wii then either xbox 360, or ps3. Hell combine the two and I still know more wii owners.
    I know everyone who comes over to my house wants to play it if they don't have one allready. My son kicks ass at Lego starwars on it, and my mom plays pool and Zelda on it. Fuck I watched my grandmother play her first video game ever on it over thanksgiving... To me, Nintendo gets "mad props" for building something can can bridge that..