Friday, November 30, 2007

Sometimes it's better, but it always sucks

So last Friday, I had to do something that I never wanted to do. I had to take my Mom's cat to the vet and have it put to sleep.

I bought that cat when I was 15 and lived with it for like 6 years. The cat was nearly 16 years old and very much part of the family. I dont think my Mom thought she could make the decision, so she had me help. And with as sick and old as the cat was it was so very hard to do. Hard to see my Mom that upset and hard to put a living thing down that couldnt tell me if this was okay for me to do or not.

I stayed with him the whole time and it was quick and painless. I like to think he had some idea about what was going on and he was ready to go, but that's just probably me trying to make myself feel better.

We took him home and I dug a grave for him in the cold and light rain behind the garage.

When/if the time comes to go thru this with my own cat, Jonesy, I dont think I'll be able to do it. It seems funny talking about it, because when you say it out loud it always sounds like, "it's just a cat" but he was a lot more than that to all of us and his loss was very painful.

I take solace in the fact that death is simply part of life and the circle and we all have to face this throughout our life and we can become the better for it.


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  1. Definitely hard to understand if you haven't had that special bond with a pet. I can still remember the day when I lost my dog. I was about 8 years old. I came home from school and found a note on the fridge that said 'Brutus died today. I buried him out by the barn'. My stepdad didn't even wait to tell me in person.

    I can remember running through the yard bawling, falling to my knees in front of the little makeshift cross he had placed over the shallow grave.

    I think it is cool that you were able to help your mom out that way - especially considering that you had bonded with the animal yourself. She getting/have another cat?