Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Zeitgeist: The Movie

This is an AMAZING movie.

I'm only thru part 1 so far, but WOW. Deals with society's control and underlying currents of control through-out human history.

Warning: Joel, you might want to stay away from it.


  1. ROFL!!!

    You should add ratings to your blog.

    E = Everyone
    E12 = Everyone twelve and older
    EBJ = Everyone but Joel
    etc. :)

  2. I just finished part 1 myself. Very interesting.

    Thanks for the link, Cory!

  3. So where the heck are the ghost pimples?! Booo...

    I made it through about 10 minutes. Long enough to realize that the other 110 minutes would be a waste of my time, though I am sure they would be entertaining.

    I will never argue that religious people have done terrible things. They have been corrupted by power, misled millions, and abused the faith of their followers. Religion has done more to destroy than to build up, more to hinder than to help.

    But as a Christian person that lives on a foundation of belief in someone bigger than all of us, who created everything we see and know, I don't have to look very hard to see that I live a joy-filled, FREE, blessed, successful, abundant life. Yes, you'd better believe I tithe on my wages. Always. But I also realize that it is the faithfulness of showing I am not ruled by the currency of this world that brings revelation from the law of Tithing. God doesn't need my money, he needs ME to not need my money, but to need HIM. He is my source, not my job, my wife, or anything else in this world. And I have received a multitude in return. I am one of the happiest people I know. And I am not ignorant enough to think that the life I am living is a random happening, a chance collection of coincidences.

    Until you experience a relationship with Jesus Christ, it will NEVER make sense. Where does the value of faith come into play if you have to be convinced with facts to believe it? Scientists marvel at their ingenuity but still have yet to come close or even scratch the surface of the fundamentals of what life really is.

    So feel free to keep kidding yourself. But I like to give a little more credit to the source of the complex, intricate design of the life on earth than to chalk it up to an explosion in space. That sounds a lot more silly to me than the possibility that there was some actual creativity involved.

    I love you guys. Wheee! I guess I should have took your advice Cory...

  4. Yeah I didnt think you'd get much past the first 10 minutes. It doesnt keep harping on how evil organized religion is but goes on to describe the origins of Jesus and how it duplicates the stories of tons of other religions that predated it. And those were each a copy of the previous one etc.

    My question to people who believe in Jesus and have a relationship with him is: What if you had been born in Nigeria and lived in a hut and never heard about Jesus or one of the 1000's of other places where you wouldnt have been touched by the concept of Christ and the Bible? Would you still have a strong faith and relationship with a mysterious force (that is Christ but you dont know it), or would you worship and thank and honor your culture's God instead, or would you end up agnostic or athiest?

    I'm not trying to mock your faith in anyway. I clearly seperate faith and religion. I HATE religion, I can respect faith for the simple fact that it cant be proven and if it works for you then that's cool for you and I'm happy that you can find good in your life no matter who's responsible for it or whatever.

    I'm think I got a pretty good life going on and I know it's because I'm responsible for it. Not everyone needs to believe in something like Christ to think they can have a perfect life. I dont feel that I'm lacking.

  5. Good question. I don't know how that would work if I lived in a third world country.

    But I do know we are all born with a longing. Some fill it with drugs, some with sex, some with deviance, some with perversion. I fill it with God. And it is an amazing fit.

    I respect your views, and I would not try to force anything on you. But I will not pull any punches when it comes to my faith or beliefs. I can't show you how it feels to experience the presence of God, or the feeling of seeing his promises manifested in your life.

    And don't think I have a perfect life, I would never insinuate that. Being a Christian doesn't mean all your bills pay themselves and you never get sick, you sometimes come against more trials because you are going against the grain of the world. You just have the purpose and the resources to keep going.

  6. yeah, the first 40 minutes was really kind of hard on religion, but I think he was using that more to open people’s minds that just maybe what they've been taught as absolute truth for so long isn't necessarily true.

    He doesn't say that religious people are wrong, or bad because they believe in someone or something called Jesus, he's merely making a point that there are bigger truths out there than the obvious.

    Then he carries this thinking into Parts 2 and 3 where he takes the us government and brings you out of the dark there too. Shows us just how the power behind the power are actually manipulating and lying to every American and we are all content to sit back and let it happen because we've been told by the people we trust that everything's ok This is America after all.

    So, we all go on to watch our 500 channels, surf our intertubes, watch our pron (perversion can be fun in moderation let me say) and do this without ever thinking what is actually happening.

    In the mean time, while I’m working on getting my druid to lvl 70 they are working on doing away with Canada, Mexico and the USA and have already created the United Union and no one even knew about it.

    And when was the last time you heard of the Amero? You sure as hell didn't hear it on Fox News I'd bet. But in another 5 years, when President Bush (yeah, he's still going to be there) has signed into law that we are to be using that as our new currency in all three "countries" of the union will you still be happy with how your country has been running itself?

    He's simply trying to get everyone to understand that the beliefs, customs, laws, and ideas that we as people have lived our lives by for literally thousands of years is all lies. Both in religion and government.

    and until we as a whole can stand up and say this is wrong, and I'm NOT happy with sitting here letting it all just happen, then we're destined to relive our history and that scares me to death.

    I may not be a religious person, but even if I had taken Jesus as my personal savior, and lived my life by his teachings and loved my fellow man (oops, wrong perversion there) and still read and learned of how the government worked in the background that I could pretend to be as happy and content with my life as you appear to be.

  7. Wow. Why do I get a picture of you wearing an aluminum foil hat when you wrote that? How can you stand to live in such constant paranoia? And why are you so resistant to the acceptance that I am happy with my life? Fascinating...

    When you have no one to trust, no one to count on, I guess I can see why you can't have hope either... ?

  8. I knew it! everyone wants my tin foil hat, and now you do.

    Well you can't have it. This is MY tin foil hat. It helps me, its my friend.

    One of these days you'll want your own tin foil hat but "The man" won't let you. Nooooo. They're going to be using all that tin foil for their own evil agenda.

    just wait. You'll see. oh-ho-ho, you'll see. you'll ALL seeeeee. Mwha-ha-ha.

    What was that?! *looks over shoulder*

    Oh god!

    They, they've found m.............

  9. It's the libyans! I don't know how they found me, but they've found me... Run for it Marty!!!



  11. i know its "giga watts", but he says "jigga watt" in the movie. so eat it. :)

  12. I can't believe you've stooped to racial slurs... Cracka What?


  14. LOL Wow I forgot all about that. That is awesome. Da whistle go w00t w000000t.

    Cory: Server's Up!

    Someone set up us the bomb!
    Burninating the neighbor hood!
    You are educated stupid.
    Eeeera Eeeeraa Airstream's on.

  15. Questions and comments.
    Where does one buy tin foil. All of my foil is aluminum, and perhaps thats why the gov't keeps controlling my brains.
    Also, if you check my site some time, one of my more "recent" posts is about how jigga is actually the correct pronunciation and giga is more popular. Its my personal feeling that we really need to start referring to it as jiggabytes and jiggahertz. I'm sure if we think hard enough about this there is a conspiracy theory wrapped up somewhere in the change in pronunciation.

    Thirdly, since between the four of us, we are pretty divided in the religion vs science gangs. I would say that those on the other side should take one of sciences most beloved theorems, Occam's razor which says "All things being equal, the simplest solution tends to be the right one." In other words, when multiple competing theories are equal in other respects, the principle recommends selecting the theory that introduces the fewest assumptions and postulates the fewest entities.(snip snip from wikipedia) This is the biggest downfall of most conspiracy theories. Not to say that no wacky shit is hapenning, but its doubtful that its anywhere near what the conspiracy buffs would like to believe. And its quite a slippery slope from Zeitgeist to Chem trails, MIB, and time cubes.

  16. I wish I could remember a quote I heard or read once about religions being like trees, and what would happen if there was only one type of tree on earth.
    Personally I don't believe my god would set up any of his children to "fail" unless they choose to with their own free will. So to me, its not hard to believe that perhaps god takes many shapes, and can most certainly appear to people in different ways. So why couldn't the god I worship be the same entity that others worship as something different? To me its the belief in something bigger, some great architecture.
    But whateva. To each his own, we all gotta live and die by our decisions.

  17. Interesting insights, Mr. (Rubber) Jonny... And I am totally with you on the Jiggabytes. LOL. That made me girly giggle...

  18. ahhhhhhhhhh
    not rubber johnny!!! blaahhhhhhhhh
    Thanks, let the nightmares begin.

  19. Wheeee! Rubber Johnny was great. Mommmmm mma?

  20. fucking apex twins..
    You ever see the creepy oscilloscope shit that was hidden in their music?