Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Yearwood was arrested by Capitol Hill police outside of a hearing of the House Armed Services Committee on 2007-09-10, and charged with disorderly conduct and assault on a police officer. According to Sgt. Kimberly Schneider, spokeswoman for the Capitol Police, Yearwood was stopped from entering the room after attempting to cut in front of people waiting to get in. “What he tried to do was jump to the front of the line. He was told he couldn’t do that,” Schneider said. “And he pretty much charged at the officers to get past them into the room, after he was told not to.”

In a press release from the Hip Hop Caucus Yearwood said that he was prevented from entering the hearing because he was wearing a button that says "I love the people of Iraq." In the press release he called his arrest an example of “democracy while black.” Furthermore, UPI reports that the video being circulated on the Internet "does not seem to show an assault."

Yearwood was treated at George Washington University Hospital "for injuries to his ankle" according to Liz Havstad, a spokeswoman for the Hip-Hop Caucus.


  1. Did he not see the 'Quiet Zone' sign?! Holy crap this has nothing to do with Iraq, he was being too noisy.

    What is this, romper room?

  2. This is just plain sad all around. :P

  3. Well the video doesn't clarify whether he was cutting in line, or why he wasn't allowed in. Assuming he wasn't cutting, why would you stand there and argue with 3 cops about it? Like they're going to say "oh, my bad", and let you in when all these people are watching? Why wouldn't you just go to the end of the line?

    Then the very clearly lunges toward the door. They were probably rougher than they needed to be, no doubt there, and he obviously didn't assault an officer? But what the hell do you expect? What do you think would happen if you drove away when a cop pulled you over for going left of center and you know you didn't?

    I would say yes on disorderly conduct and resisting arrest maybe, but that's about it. I don't get why the dood wouldn't just go to the end of the friggin line, it's obvious you're not going to force through a half a dozen cops. Seems like he saw an opportunity to make a scene to me, but not enough evidence on either side to be certain.

    And he was prevented because he was wearing a pin? I'd have a hard time buying that, but I guess you never know. The 'democracy while black' statement is pretty silly.

  4. I dont think he was lunging for the door, I think he's turning to walk towards the end of the line or down that direction of the hallway and the one cop (the one between him and the door) starts pulling on him to stop and he's trying to break free and then WHAM teh beat down starts.

    They fucked him from moment one. I think I read somewhere that this is coming back in from break where he had originally been in there prior.

    9 others were arrested as well for disrupting the hearing while it was going on.

  5. They didn't @#$@ him from moment one - after standing there arguing with them for 5 minutes, being told several times that he was going to be arrested, he lunged at 5:49 and said "No, I'm NOT being arrested". That is resisting arrest.

  6. Yeah and at that point they had no reason to arrest him.

    A cop cant just say "you're arrested" for no reason and I cant see, or havent read what he did to be arrested.

    You cant be arrested for resisting arrest unless you were already arrested for something else, as long as that wasnt resisting arrest unless you were already arrested for something else, as long as that wasnt resisting arrest unless you were already arrested for something else, as long as that wasnt resisting arrest unless you were already arrested for something else, ... Oh god I've gone cross-eyed!

  7. If there's a line and you cut to the front and there is a cop at the door and he tells you to go to the end of the line and you don't, that seems like a reasonable description of disorderly conduct. The fascinating thing to me is that it really doesn't matter whether he cut in line at that point. Once a police officer (or a dozen) is telling you to go to the end of the line you really should consider that to be the preferable of all of your options. For some reason this guy decided to shoot for 'try to force past' instead, which I can't imagine why he would do unless he wants to create an opportunity to turn the tables and accuse the officers of discrimination, which is exactly what he did. Am I supposed to feel sorry for him because he got hurt trying to wrestle with 10 cops? Not so much.

  8. Joel,

    That is interesting that you say that... I wasn't aware of the "don't cut to the front of the line" statute that the police were attempting to enforce...

  9. They are there to keep order. The guy was DIS-orderly. Period.

    When do we get to start the debate about the moron at the John Kerry speech in Florida? I'm sure that was a squandering of his freedom of speech rights, right? That my friend is what I call sad. Talk about missing the forest for the trees...

    I don't get it. It's like some folks are so obsessed with making everything about 'the man' sitting back waiting to violate mr. innocent citizen's sparkling human rights. You get so blinded in your victimizing everything that you don't see the situation clearly for what it is. You can't shove your way through police. For any reason. Period. I don't care why they are telling you to go to the end of the friggin line. If it's because you have a booger in your nose go get your nose-sludge buddies and start a special interest group and lobby in front of the white house or something.

    He didn't get arrested for butting in line. He got THREATENED to be arrested when he disobeyed orders to go to the end of the line and he actually GOT arrested when he tried to shove his way through the line.

    Do you really want to take that type of authority away from the police?

  10. uh....
    fuck the police?!...

  11. I dont see how he was disorderly at all. He was asking them why he was pulled out of line and wasnt receiving a satisfactory answer apparently.

    The better option would have been, "Sir let's walk over here and discuss this further so we can each understand each other."

    And I dont think he tried to bust thru them, I think the movement you see back towards the door was him being pulled by the cop between him and the door as he's moving away from the door.

    That all being said, it doesnt take that many cops to take a guy down and do it with such force you break his leg. Even while being arrested you have rights, and one of them is not to get the shit snot beat out of you. Well unless the shit snot is stolen then I guess that would be a gray area of retrieving the stolen goods and would need to be reviewed on a case by case basis by a council of 3 judges every third Thursday of the month. These judges would be picked thru rotation of an available pool of judges in the area that have qualifications and references of previous interactions with either shit or snot.

    Wait ... what was I saying now?

    Oh and since you brought it up, the kid in Florida was exercising his freedom of speech, whether he was doing it for show and playing it up or not. He can be escorted out, sure, but wow tasering him? Fuck that. Cops should not have tasers period, they are always nailing people who shouldnt be getting them.

  12. Wow.

    What is there to talk about? If they saw him cutting in line, why do they need to step aside and discuss? ;Are they going to get out a ruler or something?

    And the kid in florida was being an idiot, and was being vulgar at the same time. Freedom of Speech gives you the right to criticize the government, not step up to a microphone after a speaker at a college has ended his speech and make a scene. He got escorted out and when he was away from the stage was pushing the cops away and screaming. I'd have tazed him.

    Why stop with taking away cops tazers? Why not take away their guns too? Obviously becoming a cop instantly dissolves your sense of morality. I mean, look at the draw, you get paid an amazingly high amount of money and just have to sit around and eat donuts and violate people's rights.

    OH wait, that nothing close to the life of a real police officer. Hrm...

  13. BTW, the officers did take him to the side. If you watch again you'll see people walking in behind him.

  14. I forgot what a moral imparitive Smear the Minister is. My bad.

    Police in England dont carry guns and they get the job done.

    I guess you just havent dealt with very many cops. I havent met one that hasnt given me pause for concern.

  15. Well the next time I'm in a bank that's getting robbed, I'll take my cops with guns.

    And cops are just people. I know a lot of cops, and am related to a few. There isn't anything special that gives them more or less predisposition to being immoral. However, like teachers, the draw to being a cop is not typically monitary, but an interest in public service - helping people. I won't argue that there is a minority that get into it because of the authority aspect, but you can't characterize an entire class of people for what you get spoonfed by the media about a fraction of them. Don't forget that the stories of heroic behavior from police don't typically find their way to the front page. But let one cop (or a group of them) do something stupid and it's plastered all over every publication you can find.

    If you actually believe that we would be better off if cops didn't have guns you might want to refresh your memory about what happened at Virginia Tech. Though it was students and faculty that were unarmed, the concept is the same. We learn something very strikingly simple from situations like this; 'Gun free zones' don't stop people that plan to kill people from bringing guns. What a marvel idea. : ) This rule only prevents anyone from defending themselves against someone with a gun.

  16. Fuck you upped the cop-personal-relationship factor on me.

    I cant beat being related to one to be able to reference how I think they all think and feel. Unless I actually consume one and keep him alive in me.

    Um ... no on second thought you win.

  17. To touch the flesh, to wear the flesh, to be born unto new worlds where the flesh is my haven.


  18. And then theres Eddie.
    At least, I think that was his name, used to work at FNG, became a cop, brought his gun to work and like to point it around.