Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tell us the mission...


  1. Tell us the alternative!

    I'm sure the world will be a safer and happy place when we have our new bumper stickers.

    Is there going to be an "Ahmadinejad for President" bumper sticker? Oh wait, you won't have to vote for him, he'll take care of that whole 'free election' formality for you.

  2. There are plenty of alternatives, people like you refuse to listen or believe in anything other than the single-minded approach of violence and open-ended war.

    Honestly I would vote for Ahmadinejad over Bush in a second. Bush stole the first election and here in Ohio he stole the second one, so what's the difference?

  3. I find it interesting that someone with such a strong opinion towards this message would find it necassary to hide behind a wall of "anonymous".

    But, that's just me.

    I feel the only difference between this "war" and Vietnam is people actually tried to do something to stop the war in Vietnam.

    Strike that.

    I think that there are several people that are working hard to stop the war the best way they know how. But, perhaps more people listened back then. They didn't' live in a world with 350 channels via satelite, HD-DVD, 360, wii, WoW, intertube porn and Faux news to distract the masses and steal the attention away from what was really happening in places of the world.

    You had the 3 networks, radio, and newspapers.

    we live in a world of distractions, and perhaps THAT is the problem.

  4. Honestly did you really not know it was me? How sneaky am I? LOL.

    I have a few problems. I am not even going to touch the whole "I would rather have the President of Iran than Bush" argument. Check out how what he's done with Iran...

    And you don't see a difference with Vietnam? Are you kidding me? What is happening in Iraq is NOT major military operations, but a widespread mission focused on eliminating pockets of resistance and training up a new country so they can take over. WAY different. And we are making progress, but then only if you believe a 4 star general that was called a liar before he said the first word (But we ALL suppor the troops, right?).

    People are working hard to stop the war?! You want the war on terror to stop? Where do I sign up to live in this utopian pipe dream that you are talking about where if we just call the troops home and crawl back into our bubble the terrorists will play nice? Isn't that what we were doing pre-9/11?

    I don't get it... We HAVE to take this fight to the people that want to annihilate our country. They want to kill ALL of us. You think it's a coincidence that there hasn't been a major terrorist attack since 9/11? Give me a break.

    I am still waiting for your alternative. The only thing anyone that is bashing bush or the war seems to want is cut and run or timeframes. You wanted a change of course, and you got a massive change of course in the form of a refocused mission and troop surge, which now appears to be WORKING, rather well in fact. You wanted timetables and now are getting times from the top general in Iraq for troop withdrawals.

    There is a simple underlying fact underneath everything that is happening in the middle east. I agree that you cannot stop an ideology with force. But a thriving FREE nation in the middle east will do more than any weapon on this world to inspire people and make them understand that living free is truly the best way to live.

  5. When you have a position that isnt a GOP talking point or a reference from a right wing think tank, then I'll consider what you are offering as an alternative.

    This country has changed, some see it and some dont. And by "Bush" I normally dont mean the one man, as I firmly believe he is barely smart enough to wipe his own ass (there's some bashing for ya hehe), I mean the collective neo-con movement that thrust him to power and maintain that power.

    And I do support the troops totally, until they lie, cheat, steal, murder, rape, pillage, etc. When they do that, fuck 'em.

  6. "I am not even going to touch the whole "I would rather have the President of Iran than Bush" argument."

    Oh and my point was that I would vote for him or X or a giant steaming turd, it wouldnt matter as Bush would just steal it.

    On a re-read I guess I didnt make that clear. Then again maybe I did and I somehow adjusted your contacts to be slightly off and switched your normal coffee with Foldgers instant! I'm a mad man! A maaaaaaaaaaaaad man!!!


  7. I don't need an alternative. I am in support of building a free Iraq, as we are doing now, with pretty obvious signs of success. I am waiting for an alternative from everyone that appears to have been brainwashed into beating the 'Bush is bad' drum. Ask the average anti-Bush person why they hate him and you'll find that they typically have no idea why. They give the same old beat-to-death "we need to leave Iraq", "we're getting slaughtered", "he's an idiot".

    If you look at the overall state of the economy right now it seems to me like he has done a pretty damn good job. He's led the country through one of the the most troubling experiences in our history, kept unemployment low, passed tax cuts to put more money in your pocket and mine, and stuck to his vision for the defense of our country against overwhelming unsupport for what I believe is the right thing for the continued survival of our nation. He isn't eloquent and he has made mistakes, but who hasn't?

    I am not sure where you are going with your last comment. I don't support them if they are systematically doing those things either, but obviously they aren't. And the select few that have? Are you going to base your judgment of the entire military on their actions? They are human and should be punished if they are indeed guilty. Seems like a bit of a wishy washy statement. The fact is no one wants to say they don't support the troops. But you aren't really supporting them if you are sending a clear message that you don't believe they can do what they have been called to do, especially when there are signs they are accomplishing the task at hand.

    Let me know when you perform on the play, for real I would like to see it. : )

  8. Don't touch my coffee Cory. That is sacred. : )

  9. Did mean fuck all the troops, just the ones specifically doing the lying , raping, murdering, price-fixing on ebay, etc.

    I should really not post right before bed, I tend not to make much sense.

  10. Dammit! DIDNT MEAN

    Okay I shouldnt post in the morning either after I've just woken up.

    Apparently I only have a half hour window sometime after 2pm when I can be slightly coherent.

  11. what do I want?

    1) I want the US to be the most beloved country in the world again. I want people to dream about the day that they can come to America for their chance at the American dream, not because the dollar has been flushed down the toilet so much that it's almost profitable to come to the US instead of someplace else
    2) I want people who do come here no whatever reason to be treated with the same respect that we seem to demand from everyone else in the world but seem to have so much trouble reciprocating on others
    3) I want to live in a country of trust and honor where the values of "Innocent until proven guilty" are actually believed and used instead of people being thrown in jail for an unknown amount of time without ever know what they did and never getting to talk to a lawyer
    4) I want to live in a country where I don't have to worry about whether or not I use the terms "terrorist" or "President" or "Iraq" in a comment page and not have that voice in the back of head say "make sure you don't say anything back just in case someone *wink wink* is listening to you
    5) I'm tired of feeling like we live in 1986 Russia where I was told as a school child that the government would take your parents away if they spoke ill of the country.

    America WAS the greatest country in the world, and was for a very long time. in 8 short years it has completely turned around and is not only the laughing stock but also more hated than some of the country's that we're "not" having major combat operations with. unless you count all the private contractor mercenaries that are being used.

  12. I'm not asking what's wrong with the country, I'm asking for specific solution in Iraq, not what 'you want'. Any sane person would want all of the things you asked for and, largely, though the media and the screaming minority wouldn't have you believe it, most, if not all of them are true. You really think that the United States isn't the greatest country in the world any more? Over this? Anti-Americanism has been around since before any of us were born and will continue after we die.

    And if the current state of things isn't enough to convince you that Americans have an immense level of freedom of speech compared to any other country in the world, I don't think you'll ever be convinced. What has not been said about Bush or his administration? You really think Big brother is reading these blogs and has someone on their payroll hiding under your bed?

    So - back to Iraq - People are either screaming for a full and immediate withdrawal, which is insane. Or they are calling for timetables which, by themselves accomplish nothing other than tell the enemy how long they need to lay low before we leave. I don't understand what is so hard to understand about this. I have no problem with making estimates and no problem with putting pressure on the Iraqis to step up their part in taking responsibility, which is what we have done and continue to do.

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  14. read all posts, then comment. Dammit.

    I read scott's comment as
    "like we live in 1986 Russia where I was told as a school child that the government would take your pants away if they spoke ill of the country."

  15. It's plants not pants. Global warming, remember? wait... Where am I?