Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ron Paul : Don't tread on me


  1. So far I think I would vote for Ron Paul in '08 unless someone starts punching it up more on the Dem side of things.

    I'm glad someone has the courage to stand up and say these sorts of things.

    Even on FAUX News debates where they tried to make him look like a joke. You go Ron!

  2. I'm sorry my lack of sleep made me forget about Kucinich on the Dem side.

    I want a Kucinich/Paul split ticket.

    And Fred Thompson and Hilary Clinton will have to wrestle naked in Jello to decide who gets to be the sore loser.

  3. i think that Ron Paul is telling us what alot of americans want to hear, but the one thing that scares me to death is i remember Bush saying alot of the same types of things before his first term and just did what he wanted once he, was elected.

    who's to say that paul won't use some "9/11" type event to justify his turning completely around and doing exactly what he's preaching against now?

    like i've said before, we no longer live in a world where there's trust and honor among the people with power.

    the us populace has been shit on and lied to so many times that we've come to accept it.

    p.s. i'm still looking for that flush lever! its the ONLY answer.

  4. Well all elections are crap shoots. I think people vote for people for several reasons:

    1) This guy is representing my party and because of that I'll vote for him.

    2) This guy belongs to a party that seems to get stuff done in the current climate and we need that.

    3) I agree with this guy on all or most of the issues discussed and I believe he'll be able to accomplish all or most of his goals.

    4) I dont agree with everything this guy's saying, but I think his goals are more likely to get accomplished than the other persons (more lofty) goals and I'm willing to accept a little success then risk a full 100% failure.

    Those are, I think, the primary reasons - obviously there are more, but whatever. And it basically boils down to risk. Will the guy try? If the guy does try how likely is he to succeed? What kind of person is he and how can I expect him to make decisions?

    You pull the lever or hit the button and wait till the wheel stops to see what you got. I know I'm shifting gambling analogies here, but you get my point.

    A vote, is an expression of hope for the future. I feeling that things that need changed will and how great that day will be. An understanding that this man will build a solid foundation for the country and the next person.

    Not voting, is a sign of no hope or willingness to even for the briefest of second to allow yourself to dream what could be for our country.

    I also look at it that I pay taxes and there are soldiers willing to defend us (or doing so currently) and so the least I can do is vote and be some part of the process - no matter how small my cynical mind can make it appear.

  5. And then the electoral college poops on all your hard work.

  6. I look at voting to some extent like a low level argument about my faith. People give me a hard time for being Christian, but here is the fact:

    If I am wrong, I die and nothing happens.

    If you are wrong.. Well, you know.. : )

    If you don't vote there is no hope you are making any impact whatsoever and I agree with Cory that you are basically taking yourself out of the equation.

  7. Fuck, Joel and I agreed on something. I'm shutting the blog down. hehe

  8. Yeah.
    I vote.
    I just can admit to myself that its just mental masturbation.

  9. LOL Cory - Game over.