Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Republicans Block Voting Machine Testing in Ohio

This is not good for Democrats in Ohio. Voters there need to rally and organize to countermand this grievous public injustice. All votes must be counted and all votes must count. That said, if Ohio Republicans have anything to do with it; the state will reprise its ignominious stage role as the "New Florida" in the much-awaited 2008 neocon sequel,

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  1. Yikes. I hadn't heard about this story... How do you justify blocking voting machine testing? If nothing else, to at least set people more at east about the stories that have been circulating? Will be interesting to see what info comes out about this...

  2. How are we supposed to test them, if we don't know how to use them right?


  3. It's easy, you just try to see how fast you can touch all the names that have (R) under them.

    Pfft! Come on, it's not rocket science!

  4. ooooo burn!

    Those wacky (R)'s!