Tuesday, September 11, 2007

I'm still alive!

Sorry I havent posted much recently. I'm back to school now (Tuesday and Thursday nights). The class is Drawing 2, which fullfills one of my electives for my degree. Not that I'm worried about a degree at this rate, but still. I have the same great drawing teacher from Drawing 1 and we seem to have a great, very small and close class already. So that's nice.

One of the girls from class and I decided to go and try out for this season's play that the college is holding - "Monster" by Neal Bell (a play based on Mary Shelley's Frankenstein). And we got parts! It was a really step to overcome just trying out. So now I have the challenge of actually playing the part.

Honestly I'm nervous about the whole ordeal. I'm really worried that I'll just mess everything up and forget my lines and just draw a blank on stage. I still remember back to the fourth or fifth grade being in a play and not remembering any of my lines and having to read them off of a paper. Thankfully the paper was a prop for me (I played a lawyer) but it was still a terrifying scenario. Sort of that naked in school dream sorta scared.

However it's a small part so I should be fine. I actually really surprised myself at how I sounded reading the lines and putting emotion into it. I really love this stuff, but man it's nerve racking.

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