Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Random shit I find annoying ...

  • Not knowing what that little cursor is called in the picture above when it has that little horizontal line on it and having no idea why it's used.
  • Going for a month using "it's" and "its" correctly and then one day completely forgetting which to use right.
  • "Save Password" prompts on websites (especially Hotmail). Man I hate this, they never work or stop working after 3 days or whenever the cookie tells it to expire. Stop doing this or change the option to read "Save Password for a random amount of time between 3 seconds and 3 days".
  • Buttons on devices you have to hold for a certain period of time for a function when you could easily double or triple tap the button instead.
  • Telephone menu options that either read WAY too much info about each option to select or just say "Main menu" and then stop.
  • People only having a sense of humor with their close circle of friends and find everything outside that circle horribly offensive and/or un-funny.
  • People who think I'm conversationally anal retentive because I like to sort my thoughts into list form.
  • jackrabbits
  • The different options of glue-type substances. Glue, paste, gel, rubber cement, etc. Who's the person that cant use one type?
  • Knowing that cold water is worse for you when you are overheated than warm water, but still being conditioned to the point where it seems like it tastes better.
  • People who store water in other old cartons or jugs without rinsing them enough first leaving you with left-over orange juice flavored water.
  • Not knowing the etymology of the word "snack"
  • Not being able to rate which is worse, hypocrisy or double-standards
  • Knowing you really should vaccuum but not being able to muster the interest enough to even get near the sweeper and spending way more energy avoiding even eye contact with it in some game of "if you look at me you have to use me".
  • Not being able to legally see my penis more during the day.

1 comment:

  1. Arrgh
    I was totally with you, until you said "you really should vacuum but not being able to muster the interest enough to even get near the sweeper"
    You sweep with a broom, and vacuum with a vacuum cleaner

    Any. To address some of your gripes:

    "Save Password" prompts - Use firefox and google browser sync. Shit never forgets my passwords.

    Choosing the right kind of glue

    Not knowing the etymology of the word "snack"

    I can't rate your personal feeling of which is worse, but from the google results, we can extrapolate that more people search for hypocrisy, there for more people more people like it, thus giving us the postulate that the inverse, is true:
    Double-standards are worse by a factor of 16

    The penis thing? I guess you could move to a more "nude oriented" location?