Tuesday, August 21, 2007

He deserves so much more...

I know, I know I've been posting a lot of "news" and "politics" stuff when I'm sure you're all dying to know more about my personal life, like which armpit I put the deodorant on first (left) or where I buy my socks. But it's just things like this that I cant pass up.

See the picture above? That's our glorious leader in all his, well ... glory, bestowing our nation's highest honor on Mr. George Tenet the then head of the CIA.

Such excellent service, such commendable patriotism, such enduring and never flinching resolve in the face of danger while running the agency responsible for all of our gee-whiz, gosh-golly, fantastic 'slam dunks' of intel and action we take against all those evil people in the world out to get us for our freedoms!

Oh wait ... I spoke too soon:

A summary of the 2005 report by the CIA inspector general was declassified under protest by agency Director Michael Hayden in response to a law passed by Congress earlier this month.

The report said top CIA officers "did not discharge their responsibilities in a satisfactory manner" and it described a "systemic breakdown" in a watch list for tracking terrorism suspects who seek to enter the United States.
Oh but dont take my word for it, or in this case Randall Mikkelsen's word for it. Let's hear what Barbara Elias of the National Security Archive has to say about it:

"It's really pointing the finger at the CIA's executives..." which includes Tenet.
Tenet, that name's so familiar - oh right, I forgot he's the guy in the picture with the President ... the one getting our nation's highest honor bestowed upon him by the gentle and Jergened hands of our all-knowing and glorious, infallible leader.

Tenet resigned as CIA director in 2004 after serving for seven years. "Before 9/11 no agency did more to attack al Qaeda than the CIA," he said in a statement Tuesday.
And what's incredibly sad is that's probably absolutely true. Oh well, maybe we'll get him in Iran, no wait Syria, doh I mean Venezuela no wait ...

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