Thursday, August 09, 2007

Global warming will step up after 2009

By Deborah Zabarenko, Environment Correspondent

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Global warming is forecast to set in with a vengeance after 2009, with at least half of the five following years expected to be hotter than 1998, the warmest year on record, scientists reported on Thursday.

Climate experts have long predicted a general warming trend over the 21st century spurred by the greenhouse effect, but this new study gets more specific about what is likely to happen in the decade that started in 2005.



  1. All I can say is that is fuckin scary. It is so damn hot now that its dangerous to go outside. It gets much hotter and we are going to need space suits.

    Shit, what are we then supposed to eat? If we can't stand it, neither can other forms of life. Maybe we can eat some nice bacteria and cockroach soup ?

  2. *spits out his bacteria and cockroach soup*


    Fuck, I finally found something no one else wanted to eat so I could horde it all for myself and drop this bombshell on me.


  3. Its gonna have to get a little bit hotter before it starts killing all the life on earth. Hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor reach tempratures around 750°F and are thriving with life.
    But honestly, wouldn't earth be alot better off without us?

  4. Well the heat would just have to take out a few key elements and we'd be hurting.

    If you take out bees and cows, were as good as fucked.

  5. Thank God for carbon credits. I don't even have to change my lifestyle.

    And I prefer a little red hot sauce on my bacteria and cockroach soufflé.


    Good read. Unless you would rather listen to the factless banter of the likes of Sean Penn. : )

  7. Make Clickie Time

    Hey how about a link that actually works?

  8. I guess I dont see what's so bad about Sean Penn. But I'm not basing my opinion on this matter on what he thinks.

    The scientific proof is irrefutable as far as the changes the Earth is going thru and the scientists who proclaim otherwise have always been proven to have an ulterior motive or just flat out wrong.

    I think the biggest thing about global warming that people have a problem with is our ability to sense heat shifts.

    Dennis Miller is big with this and his joke that we've only increased 3 degrees in his lifetime, so what's the big deal?

    Sure a 3 degree variance doesnt doe much for us, but when you spread that concept out globally a LOT of changes in how the earth operates changes. An increase of only 1 degree in the ocean temperature results in more water vapor in the air and increased storms and changes in weather patterns that effect more than a parking lot being flooded or a hurricane taking out a Lowe's.

    If you apply the "follow-the-money" concept with this, some proponents of global warming have a vested interested in advancing past fossil fuels and being "carbon neutral" and while these options range from benign to mildly increasing money in their respective fields, this is a result of greed and capitalism and not a result of flawed science.

    At the end of the day a reduction in pollution and a move from fossil based fuels make sense on so many levels apart from their effect on global warming that they can be ignored and for whatever reason the path towards this end seems the most logical to me.

  9. Sean Penn?
    He's small times. You guys are buying your celebrity crazy at the wrong place

  10. OMG That is seriously fucking crazy! HAHA Great link Jon.

  11. Joel - I read your link. I think its interesting that they claim that there was cooling trend prior to 1977. Then the graph they show does not show any dates prior to 1977.

    I have seen other graphs going back into the 1800s that show a general warming trend since the dawn of the industrial revolution.

    Have you watched an inconvenient truth? I think you should.

  12. Graphs &#8253 I invented graphs. Let me tell you about graphs. When I was a kid we didn't have graphs. We had random numbers that didn't even correlate to the data and we were happy making sense out of it!!! We got our god damn slide rulers out and did long division dammit.
    You kids today with your "facts" and "data" and "trends" bunch of hippy bullshit!

    Have you seen "The day after tommorow"!!! God damn thats a shitty movie!! How about "Star Trek: First Contact"!?!?!?!
    Not at all fucking relavant, but its on TV so its in here.
    Not like "The Voyage Home".. Now that was a good movie. Fucking William Shatner and Whales. Only way it would have been better if one of them exploded. I don't care if it was Shatner or the whale.

    Where was I?
    Where are my pants.
    Damn kids get off my lawn!!!!

    Have you seen Solitary? Sweet fancy moses thats a good show. Check it out on FoxReality, a channel I usually swear off. The show is seriously fucked up though.

  13. I was ready to post a rational response to Cory's question but then I read Jon's comment and I think my brain dissolved. LOL. I have gone through some mental exercises - hopefully I have regained enough cognitive function to make some sort of sense. Sheesh Jon - with great power comes great responsibility, remember? Heh..

    Yeah I watched inconvenient truth. I found it very interesting, I will admit. I don't refute that there has been a warming trend or that global warming exists, but I question how much control and affect we have over it and the silly suggestions that have followed, from wiping my butt with one square of toilet paper to buying carbon credits so someone on the other side of the country can plant a tree to offset the harmful emissions from my private jet. What a joke. The whole thing has become so politicized and fear driven it isn't even funny any more.

    I also find it interesting that Al Gore has refused to appear pretty much every time an apposing viewed show has invited him on. He has his graphs and his numbers that all came from questionable sources but doesn't seem to want to do anything but go put on his little presentation in front of audiences that have no background in or knowledge about the actual subject matter - so they are an easy sell.

    The craziest thing in my opinion about the whole thing is how 'settled' everyone is treating it. Well, the inventor of the internet made this movie so obviously we are going to destroy the planet if we don't all sing cumbaya, trade in our suburbans for hybrids (farewell, G.M....) and save the planet. You don't have to go far to find conflicting facts against the theory that we have some kind of measurable control over the global climate.

    I am all for taking steps help reduce our detriment to the environment. I recycle, and I turn the water off when I'm brushing my teeth. But don't expect me to change my life just because Al Gore and Sean Penn told me that the sky was falling.

  14. Yeah one of the biggest opponent to Gore's claims, Fred Singer, is a senior fellow Alexis de Tocqueville Institution - a conservative think tank.

    One of his biggest papers from there stating that "passive cigarette smoke" doesnt pose a cancer risk.

    And in 1998 and 2000, his non-profit company recieved several sizable grants from ExxonMobile.

    Everyone has an angle, but like I said, I'm willing to err on the side of my own senses and logic about the situation.

    I agree that some people are being alarmists about it, mainly the mass media - but then again they do that over everything. I just tend to ignore them most of the time.