Saturday, July 21, 2007

Eye Surgery

My eye surgery is now complete. I am the proud new owner of one eyeball full of Intacs. About an hour after the surgery I am already seeing a little better. It's still blurry but I can make out letters and shapes at a distance that I wouldnt have been able to before.

My vision will change (worsen and better) until I am fully healed (about a week or two), but on my one-day-post-op check-up I am already better on the eye chart and my doctor said I am even healing faster than what normally happens (I might be Wolverine, but that's not confirmed yet).

I can see now to read and drive, both limitedly and am getting better. Just trying to rest and relax and not strain my eye too much as focusing it changes its shape and stresses the healing factor.

I will post some more about the procedure and some pictures later on.


  1. Hmmm Its clear you have a mutant healing factor.
    But no claws, so you couldn't be wolverine.. But you do have the hair going on sometimes.
    Lets run the list.
    No invulnerability, super strength, and you are clearly not green (at least the last time we hung out) so that rules out Hulk and Savage Dragon.

    You haven't been brought back from the dead to seek revenge, or as hells minion, so that rules out Spawn and The Crow.

    We are clearing going to need a list of your other super powers before we can make a final determination.

  2. LOL. Congrats dood!

    Why does it not suprise me that you followup eye surgery by using a device that is one of the most straining on your eyes - a computer! Hehehe...

    How about the ability to hit $30 at the gas station without slowing down? That would be a great super power.

    Or the ability extract exact spare change in a fraction of a second?

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