Monday, July 23, 2007

Eye surgery pics

Okay so these arent actual shots of the surgery, but here ya go. Also these are from my cell phone, so pardon the quality.

This is me in the car right after the surgery. Just a little swelling. Kinda hard to open my eye but I could and already had limited vision thru it. I love my stylish eye guard and I have my nice black-out sunglasses lifted up.

Day 1 eye close up. This is about 4 or 5 hours after my surgery.

Another close-up. You can really see my sclera hickey in this one. To center your eye on the laser, they put a ring on your eye that grabs hold via suction and produces this nice hickey. The thing didnt hurt, but was very uncomfortable. It felt like the pressure would make your eye pop and it made your vision go black.

First night after surgery. My eye's looking pretty good. Today is now 3 days post-op and I still have a good eye hickey going on but nothing else is visible. You cant really even make out the little rings in my eye. No pain or irritation at all. My vision is not stable yet. It goes from super blurry to kinda blurry - although when it's "kinda blurry" it's better than I was. It will take a week or so for it to fully stabilize. I highly recommend someone trying this procedure it was super easy and my doctor (Dr. Farjo) is a total genius and one of the nicest guys I've ever met.

Oh and the reason I have my eye guard back on in this picture is because I have to wear it at night to sleep to keep from rubbing my eye for two weeks. It's not that bad, but the tape gets kinda itchy sometimes.

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