Friday, July 13, 2007

Bob is a Fag

When I was little my mom would always take me to a doctor in a nearby town (Lima) and I remember being about 7 years old and driving under a train-overpass up there and seeing spray painted in big white letters "BOB IS A FAG". I didnt know what a fag was, but I was smart enough to surmise this wasnt a proclamation of something great or something that Bob would be proud of.

My mother skirted my questioning as to what it meant and it became just a big joke. Everytime we drove under it one of us would always comment, "Well Bob's still a fag". Even after I became aware of the meaning of the word, this was still funny. It's now some 20 years later and it's still there. No one has made the effort to remove it or cover it. Time has taken it's toll though and Bob is more of a "FIG" nowadays instead of a full blown "FAG". Sometimes I wonder if it said "NIGGER" how long it would have lasted up there.

At any rate, myself and few co-workers started talking about this today and they know of it too and we were all laughing that the word looks like "FIG" now. And one of them found this site:

GODHATESFIGS.COM (a paraody of a very hateful and disgusting website from the Westboro Baptist Church). I'd like to personally thank the guy who made the FIG version of the site as I got a lot of enjoyment out of it and it helped erase a small amount of the bile spewed forth into me from the other site.


  1. IMHO figs are directly under (raw)Tomatoes on the evil vile fruit/vege scale.

  2. Hate the fig, love the tree?

  3. haha "love the tree"

    You're a big goob.