Tuesday, July 03, 2007


I was discussing the Alien movies with a co-worker and we were reveling in our mutual hatred for Paul Riser and in doing so I got to thinking of a question:

What Alien attack/weapon is your favorite?

A) Acid Blood
B) Main Mouth bite
C) Inner Mouth bite
D) Inner Mouth puncture
E) Claws
F) Tail whip
G) Tail stab
H) Headbutt
I) Dripping slippery goo puddle for people to slip and fall

Post your answer in the comments :)

I think I'm picking "F".


  1. Oooo I gotta go with C.. Much love for the inner mouth. It's always like slowly coming out a bit then back in then all of a sudden THWAP!! Good times.

    What a great series. w00t!

  2. Yeah man, but it's a dry heat!

  3. why is chest bursting not a option?

    I know I've linked it a few times, but Alien Loves Predator is fucking genius btw.

  4. LOL I was going to say something about that too. I would definitely have to go with the bursting of the chestplate.

    Lets do this, I'm a cashew.