Monday, June 04, 2007


There's a commercial on this one channel and normally I skip them, but my new TV is lacking Picture-in-Picture, so while using my computer on it, sometimes I let the TV run in the background to listen to it. I really need to pipe some video out back into my computer so I can monitor the video.

At any rate, this commercial has this music background to it with the lyrics:

"I gotta use what I got to get what I need."

AHHHHHHHH!!! WTF?! A lot of songs shouldnt be taken literal and there are a LOT of songs with some stupid ass lyrics that I can tolerate, but again WTF? Let's take a look at this:

"I gotta use what I got"

What the hell else are you going to use? Something that someone else has? The only thing you have is what you got so how can you use something else?

"I gotta use what I got to get what I need"

What the hell else are you going to get but what you need (or want)? I mean let's say theoretically you were using a full 100% of "what you got", attempting "to get one you need" and you accidentally get little more? What then? Ooops I just needed a nice hair cut and a new car and whoops I got this bottle of hot fudge sauce too. Now what do I do? I didn't need it and now I've used everything I have so I'm too tired to donate it to the Salvation Army so now I'm really fucked.

If this post didn't make any sense or anything, it's okay. I'm mostly writing this to try to get this goddamn song out of my head.


  1. haha.
    i rant about this kind of shit everyday.

    i'm very proud of this lol.

  2. 2 words...



  3. Perhaps the lyric you are referencing refers to some individuals' tendency to repeatedly fail to use the resources at their disposal to facilitate the acquisition of their needs, and to instead sit back and complain about the things that they need but have put forth no effort toward obtaining. The jingle in question may be a call to action to this category of people to use their ability and/or assets ("what I got") in an efficient way that would create the opportunity to advance toward meeting their goals ("what I need").

    On a side note, I would like the bottle of fudge sauce if it is still available.

  4. The song is "Use What I Got" and I believe the version/artist id Lucy Woodward. Originally written and sung by Jimmy Cliff.