Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A couple of gay things.

A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll released Wednesday said that 56% of respondents now believe that being gay cannot be changed, up from 45% back in 2001 and 36% in 1998.

And now the Pentagon is saying:
These separated members have the opportunity to continue to serve their nation and national security by putting their abilities to use by way of civilian employment with other Federal agencies, the Department of Defense, or in the private sector, such as with a government contractor.

So I guess it's okay to not serve in the military but they still want to use the gay citizens of the country to help out, oh and take their tax money but not treat them as equal.

In March, backed by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates, Gen. Peter Pace controversially claimed that the “military should not condone immoral acts,” referring to homosexuality.

So just for the record: killing not immoral, being gay immoral. At least in the eyes of the Pentagon.


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  4. yay looks like i will get to go on that killing spree after all

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  6. I really liked what you had to say.