Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Word Up!

Today is my last class for the semester and then I am off for the whole summer! Woohoo. Tonight's not even really a class but a one-on-one with the (hot) art teacher for a final critique of all my work done in the class. It's only a half hour and then I'm all done.

Hopefully when I get back in the fall, Edison will have their horrible parking shit figured out.

Driving at night sucks with my contact out too, so I'm glad this will be the last night trip for awhile. I took my contact out last week when my eye started rejecting it again and I've left it out. I have to leave it out 3 weeks prior to my surgery and in about 3 weeks I should know if the insurance has approved it, so I'll be all set to go when they are ready and not have to wait another 3 weeks. So about 3 more weeks of partial blindness, dizziness and headaches to go. Woo!

I think I'll stop by the shop and Sidney and talk over more of my chest piece and get that all done. Then onto my arm wrap piece on my left arm. I'm excited about that. Tired of having half finished work on me for now.

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  1. Nice picture. I find this to be a good time to share my scratched cornea photo. This happened when I slept with my contacts in and actually pinched my cornea while trying to remove one of my contacts. Good times.