Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Reasons to hide under the covers ...

Reason 1: United States Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is trying to push that it's illegal even if you ATTEMPT to infringe on or pirate copyrighted material. Specifically music, since under this new push the Department of Homeland Security must give their findings over to the RIAA. Oh and you could be sentenced to life in prison.

Reason 2: You probably already are a terrorist. With the rush into the War on Terror, no one stopped to try to define what a terrorist actually is. However I dont think it's the immediacy that lent to us skipping over that bit as much as it is nearly impossible to specific label what a "terrorist" is. Well now the FBI and some states have their own meanings, and you are probably on their list.

Reason 3: Karl Rove is using the office of the President of the United States to subvert justice right here at home. But as Gonzales concedes now (now that he can apparently remember again) that his former Deputy was the real guy that was to blame.


  1. So, is it time to move to Canada yet? Sadly I stopped believing we were free a few years ago.

    Its like the first matrix, its just easier if you accept it.

  2. I have been breaking into furniture stores and tearing the little tags off the mattresses. My plans are thwarted! Ugh! Jihad!

  3. great.
    Now you did it joelseph.
    You went and said Jihad! and now his blog is going to get all "big brothered" and put on all the watch lists.. lol

  4. Oops. Sorry. It's actually been nice since I changed my habits. I've even taken down my FREE MICROSOFT WINDOWS PRODUCT KEYS site and erased all my DIVX CAM SHREK THE THIRD VIDS and METALLICA MP3s.

    I will try not to include any other red flag phrases in my posts. : o