Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Choke on that Europe!

BONN, Germany (Reuters) - U.S. and Russian greenhouse gas emissions rose in 2005, more than cancelling out a dip in the European Union's emissions despite growing calls to limit global warming, official data shows.

A report by U.N. climate panel last week said the world was running out of time to make the deep cuts needed to combat global warming, which could bring widening droughts, heatwaves, floods, spread disease and push up world sea levels.

It said world emissions would have to peak by 2015 and fall by 50 to 85 percent by 2050 to reach a goal of limiting temperature rises to 2 to 2.4 Celsius (3.6 to 8.6 Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial levels.


Just goes to show with a little determination and good old American spirit we can beat the pants off of anyone! Oh wait, this is really bad news. Oh boy. I was hoping we were just winning at something! When are the Olympics?

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