Tuesday, May 01, 2007

And it's officially over.

My diet has officially ended 24 hours later. What a miserable failure it was.

I went too gung-ho too quick and now I feel like total shit. I had to force myself to eat by the time I got home from the Y. I was hungry but my stomach was all shrunk up and I knew only one chicken breast wouldnt sustain me.

All in all yesterday I only ate 1000 calories total. I need at least 3200 a day (with exercise) to lose weight in a healthy way. 3900 calories (with exercise) to maintain my weight.

I feel like absolute shit today and have no energy and shopping last night for food sucked. It's hard enough finding food to eat for one person, but trying to find healthy food for one person is damn near impossible.

So the diet is over - sort of. I think I am just going to switch to all diet pop. I drink about 4 to 5 Mountain Dews a day, and at 300 calories each that's enough to help me lose some weight if I keep eating how I normally do (which wasnt that much to begin with).


  1. Start drinking a crapload of water. Seriously. Like 64 oz or more a day. That was a big part of what worked for me... You'll pee like an old man but it will keep you from retaining water better than driving lots of diet pop.

    I also gave up coffee but recently started drinking it like it's going out of style again. Ugh...

    Nice, I just added crapload to my Firefox dictionary. : )

  2. We suck. Damn how we suck!

  3. whoa whoa whoa wait a minute.....Joel trying to lose weight.....haven't you always been a beenpole of a man :p