Friday, April 20, 2007

My art ass Part 2

I turned in my aforementioned homework last night. Everyone seemed kinda shocked that I tried that. It was pretty cool. The 17 year old kid in class (he was home schooled so this is a state requirement he takes an art class) was amazed that I did that and was real red. It was pretty funny. He never sticks around long and always fakes a sickness or injury and leaves class early. So he left almost right away.

The whole class went thru each homework and discussed it and mine was last. Everyone by then seemed pretty comfortable about it and we discussed the positioning and tonal value, etc. It was rather obtuse having everyone stare at a nude of me and discuss it as a art piece.

After class the teacher, myself and the in-class model all walked out and discussed it and they were both pretty impressed that I was bold enough to try that and said it was great. We discussed a self-nude the teacher had done for an exhibition and how weird that was for her and just nudity and the human form as it relates to art in general.

It's odd that she has a naked picture of me in her portfolio to take home to grade. I'm glad I did it. I try to challenge myself with each home assignment and couldnt get a good idea on how to push this one artistically so I decided to push my personal boundaries instead. Then again I'm not ashamed to show off my ass to anyone, so maybe that boundary wasnt really pushed.


  1. Were you flexing your cheeks? Lol...

  2. I think its clear to anyone that has worked with you that you're not afraid to show your ass..

  3. *pulls up pants* What's that supposed to mean? hehe

    I wouldnt talk Jon - I still have a certain photograph of you flashing your man ass at work. Although I lost the one where you shaved your head and we drew the big smiley fact on the back of it.

  4. uhhggghhhhhhh I saw that picture one day while snooping through Cory's pic stash :(

  5. hahah
    The back of my head one was way better IMHO.
    Do you still have all those photoshops of me being violated by bill gates? And of my head in many exciting new places..

  6. No unfortunately I lost most of the crazy photoshops that I did in the past.