Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lewis Black sums up John McCain

From The Progressive:

Q: Speaking about South Carolina, what about McCain?

Black: He gave up the ghost. He had his shot but Bush beat him senseless in South Carolina and now he has put his tongue so far up Bush’s ass it’s incredible. I can’t trust someone like that. If you want the Presidency that much, you don’t get it. On top of that, this kowtowing has allowed him to lose all of those things that made him interesting to both sides.


  1. Kowtow
    one of my favorite words.
    Right after interrobang.

  2. Q: Your rise to the top of American comedians has coincided with Bush’s time in office. Is there a connection?

    Black: Every day these guys do something more outrageous and full of hubris. There is a huge amount of material to pull from. You can’t even get to the joke. It could take weeks. I just start yelling about this stuff and there is my act. Like with this “nonbinding resolution” thing. What does that mean, nonbinding resolution? How did they even come up with that word? For me, it’s like if you went to a doctor for diarrhea and he prescribed Ex-Lax—-now that’s nonbinding.

    I love Lewis Black, hehee...