Saturday, April 14, 2007

It's never really done.

I got some more ink last night. This shoulder's got about $500 worth of ink on it right now and it's pretty much done. I still need to blend it in later with my other stuff, but as it stands right now it's done.

It's still really fresh in this picture, so you can see some blood and the colors havent all blended like they will look when it's healed. But it's fucking AMAZING.


  1. lolwifebeater.

    but the tat looks pretty good, mang.

    i was thinking last night, maybe you should get some blue tint on the chick.

    just a little bit inside of the outline or something.
    and, of course, red on the guy.

  2. nice ....... however you should bulk up a bit in the arms so you dont have to push on the underside of your arm like that when you show it to folks

  3. actually thats why when i get my tats im getting them on the thighs

  4. I wash pushing it out so you could see more of it since it's meant to curve around my arm.

    But I do need bigger arms.