Thursday, April 19, 2007

I dont know if it's art, but ...

... it's my ass.

For this week's art homework we had to do another self-portrait. It was to be a full body relaxed pose. The instructions were for a basic outline and contour - paying attention to line usage specifically with no shading. Last class period our teacher made a specific point to say she wanted to see the body's contour so not to wear baggy clothes when doing the work. Someone jokingly said, should we do it nude? And she laughed and said "Sure if you want. I would never ask, or require someone to do that. But that would be best for the work." She also said it would be okay to do some shading and finish work on it but didnt want to require it and make the project seem more time consuming.

So I took that as a challenge and posed nude for myself and sketched and shaded myself including my ass. Tonight is the turn-in night, it will be interesting for sure. Part of our homework turn-in is that we hang all of our works on the wall and the whole class with the teacher goes thru each one and critiques the work.

So my ass will be out for everyone to see tonight. :) Should prove very fun.


  1. pst pix plz!!11!!!!!!1

  2. Wow. You are more a man than I.

  3. hey i guess i was late....i was going to say "I'm sure Joel would like to see a scan-a-lation"