Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hacking John McCain

If you havent heard about John McCain's myspace thing read this.

Now the FBI came and seized all this guy's stuff.

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  1. More like "Welcome to the land of bloggers not reading things carefully and spreading misinformation". The first link has nothing to do with the second link, and the second link is an April Fools joke.


  2. Ugh. I'm not even sure how to respond to your comment.

  3. Let me re-phrase - I'm having a hard time not responding to your comment without referring to you as an idiot or an asshat.

  4. Damn you cory and your disinformation and your funny links. The guy who lacks balls to attach his name to his comment is NOT PLEASED

  5. haha no doubt.

    I'm starting to debate turning anon comments off entirely. Especially now that people can sign in with their google accounts.

  6. ahhh, leave them on.. we can make a game out of making fun of them...

  7. Ugh. It did end up being an April Fools. :P

    Oh well.

    Says a lot about the country when it's easy to believe stuff like this happening. Like the blogger that got busted back in 2003 during the RNC convention in NYC.

  8. Wheee! April Fools Day strikes again. Only one person tried to get me this year and they failed miserably...

  9. Yeah.. Josh Wolf..
    That whole shit was pretty fucked up..