Monday, April 30, 2007

Diet starts today

I've been really slacking off at the Y recently and only playing basketball and being lazy there that and I've been eating like shit. So today I am starting a diet and going to work more at the Y. I weigh 205lbs and I want to drop about 25lbs so I am lean and mean.

Wooo! Subway here I come. :P


  1. good luck!
    I miss chillin at the Y back in the day.
    Jamie and I are starting a diet this week. Must be the warm weather motivating everyone..

  2. 340 calories so far just from lunch.

    Ugh I need food. I need fuel.

    I hope I have some chicken breasts at home to cook. I dont want to go grocery shopping tonight. :P

  3. We started eating more pseudo-healthy the first of the year and I lost about 16 pounds in 2 months just by cutting back and cutting out fat.

    Once I got past my pride and the instinctive anti-diet sentiment that is encoded in my DNA, I found that there is actually a lot of fat free stuff that tastes pretty friggin good.

    Kraft fat free sliced cheese is good, Fat free miracle whip isn't bad, and fat free catalina is pretty tastetastic. I got sick of chicken after a while so we started slacking a bit but I've been able to keep it all off so far...