Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Where was I?

If you didnt see me around yesterday, I had an emergency with my eye.

I have a medical condition known as keratoconus in my left eye and as such have a VERY hard time with the vision in it. I just recently got fitted for a new contact (my 13th different one if my count's right) and I wore it to the Y. While playing around in the pool I got splashed a bit in it and ended up with some irritation from the water. The result is a nasty case of "irisitis" which is basically an inflammation of my eye. It was very painful and I had to leave work almost as soon as I got here. I was dizzy and couldnt see to drive, so my Mom had to take me up to an emergency visit to one of my eye doctors in Toledo.

At any rate, I have "irisitis", a small corneal abrasion and two scratches on my cornea (probably from be trying to dig my contacts out because I felt like my eye was going to explode). I am only some drops now to fix this all up and have to go back tomorrow for a follow-up.

Lastly I would just like to say that Principal insurance can kiss my ass. They are the company that we have our insurance thru at work right now. During the past two years of dealing with my keratoconus they have done nothing but brush me off or give me the run around in dealing with this. We dont have vision coverage, but this is a medical condition and they say they cover it. Well they helped pay for the expensive tests I have to have but the only treatment option they will cover will be a corneal transplant. I've blogged before about getting Intacs which my doctor said I'm a perfect candidate for, but they wont pay for it or the special contact I have to wear to have even a limited amount of vision in my eye.

Over the past two years my condition has gotten a great deal worse. I've lost almost all functional vision in my left eye and even with a hard contact in my eye to squash my cornea back into shape I still dont have good vision. But my need to tolerate Principal comes to an end as of April 1st. I am happy to say I was a member of the senior staff to vote them out and move to Anthem for insurance. And Anthem covers the Intacs - which I hope to have before May so I can see again.


  1. Ugh, corneal abrasions are bad. I slept with my contacts in one time a year or two ago and when I tried to get one of them out I actually pinched my cornea and scratched it (The little dots on my cornea are the scratches).
    That is not fun.

    Hope you are able to get the procedure you need done dood. Insurance companies are the devil.

  2. My.. You have some lovely lashes..

  3. *blushes*
    I just threw up a little in my mouth just now.