Saturday, March 31, 2007

Vista GUI enhancements

Vista's new GUI is nice, but here are some additional enhancements I'd like to see. Vista has the ability to be molded by a program to recreate these behaviors. I just wish I knew how to program something to interact with Windows.

Lifted select

When you click and hold on a title bar of a window to move it, the window should zoom out a bit to make it look like it was lifted up off a flat service and is now higher than it was.


I want to grab a window that's on one side of the screen and fling my mouse and let go of the button and toss the window to the other side of the screen. This would be helpful to just getting little annoying windows out of the way. Maybe even have a little bounce or slide when they land or some light collision physics.

Minimize, Maximize, Restore, Close specials

More options to dissolve or have windows appear or change shape other than the slight current animation. Have them fade, burn, explode, flip, spin, shatter.

Tornado Flip 3D

If I have 5 IM windows open scattered on top of each other, it would be nice to use a button and the mouse wheel to spin them around a center axis bringing each one to the front thru the rotation. I dont always need to Flip thru ALL my open windows just one of the 10 IM's I have open to get to the person who responded with "k" and is making my shit blink.


Be able to shrink an open window down (think the middle between full size and minimized) on the desktop and be able to pile these up. And once in a pile I could spin thru them with the Tornado Flip 3D and zoom them back up or back down into their pile again.

If you decide to write a program to do one or all of these at least give me a free copy.

Also dont leave a comment with a YouTube link to a Beryl desktop. I've seen all that stuff already.


  1. cha cha cha check it out.

    Here are some features I would like to see in vista:

    -Run all my programs.
    -Not cost half as much as my computer
    -Not use all my resources to render a fucking window
    -Use less harddrive space than my porn collection

    Otherwise, I love it so far. But I love ubuntu FAR more.

  2. Also dont leave a comment with a YouTube link to a Beryl desktop. I've seen all that stuff already.
    Dammit. I could have sworn your original post didn't have that at the end of it..
    But do check out the first video as its stack-tastic.

  3. haha Yeah I saw them. Beryl is real sweet.

    Vista's visuals are nice but they could have pushed them a little farther without making it seem totally over the top.

    I know they worked a lot with Stardock on stuff and I'm sure were swayed into not infringing on companies (like Stardock) by making things to pretty and stuff.

  4. Jon, I hope you washed your hands after manipulating your piles.

    I think they should have called Vista Windows XP+. The plus could stand for "We spent 5 years making the window borders transparent".

    If you ask me, I think Vista is a big step away from the original intent of the operating system, from a minimal shell that was small and fast and saved resources to devote them to the applications you needed to launch. Also, there isn't much of an incentive for programmers to write clean, efficient code like there was before.

    It's a lot like what's happened to the Video Game industry. Seems to me like about 90% of the games I see on the shelf are crap if you take the shiny graphics out of the equation. I sometimes like to fire up a nintendo or genesis emulator and play a few classics - seems like some of those games had so much more to them when everything wasn't about framerates and polycounts.

    We are our own enemy I'm afraid - it's the same reason America is getting fatter - we buy want tastes and looks good, and don't look at what we're getting underneath all that saturated fat...

  5. Whoops:

    want = what


    And I'm not necessarily saying graphics are bad, but you'll never convince me that a great game has to have amazing graphics.

    And I'm also not saying a step away from the original intent of the OS is all bad - if you have the resource overhead to support it. When things start to get out of control (Vista Min Req 1GB, 2GB recommended!), that is when I start to shake my head.