Tuesday, March 06, 2007

News Jam!

Time for a News Jam!

First off, conservative mouth-piece, Ann Coulter is coming under fire for her "faggot" remarks at a recent conservative meeting. If you missed it, here's the skinny. What's great is a ton of advertisers are pulling ads from her site because of it too. Hit her in the pocket book.

I know I've mentioned Ann on my blog before and if you missed it, I basically think she is a stupendously evil woman. But honestly I'm starting to think it's all an act. She found a market that will pay her to babble this stupid shit and so she's just running with it. Then again I doubt it.

Next up ... steamy emails and NASA! Woooo! This is another nominee in the "Just Let it End Already" awards. A lot of women have done this sorta thing before, the only press worthy thing is that she was an astronaut - and that's only worth about 5 seconds on the crawl.

Best quote from the article:

The documents also include an undated letter to Oefelein's mother in which Nowak wrote that she was taking steps to divorce her husband so she could be with Oefelein.

"Bill is absolutely the best person I've ever known and I love him more than I knew possible," Nowak wrote.

A NASA spokesman didn't immediately return a call seeking comment Tuesday.

So ... was NASA asked to comment on the situation as a whole or on how deeply she felt in love with Bill? "And later today we'll here from NASA spokesman Tony Smith on the space agency's thoughts on whether or not Bill was a big cutie snuggle bear or not."

And finally ... Libby is FOUND GUILTY! YAY! Although I love that he got found guilty for perjury we should really be looking at what he purjered himself for. Dick Cheney and the Bush administration got pissed off that there was a person (Plame's husband) who wouldnt go along with them faking evidence to go to war with Iraq, so they outed his wife (Valerie) while she was undercover as a CIA agent (a felony whether you knew it or not) and thus put her life in danger and totally ruined her career. Oh well, one down ... I just hope it doesnt stop here. Oh and btw, thanks for voting for Bush again you ass clowns.


  1. At least she didn't say our troops are dumb or that the world would be safer if our vice president was dead. : P

    I thought it was kinda funny, once she qualified the fact that it wasn't a gay joke directed at edwards but a play on the fact that an actor checked into rehab because of outlash when he used that word to describe one of the other cast members on a tv show.

    Michael Moore has made a lot worse comments than that at an awards show, heh...

    I'm not saying it was entirely appropriate, but I don't see why this is such a huge deal. Besides, like you said, she has been shooting her mouth off for a decade - she even said in an interview that people have been saying she's going to lose her conservative fan base for the last 10 years and it hasn't happened.

  2. I'm not sure the world "faggot" should be used at the 34th annual anything.

    Well maybe the 34th Annual Conference on the Bundling of Sticks for Fireword (or NAMBLA).

    I bet we could have a serious back and forth between comments Michael Moore has made versus things Ann Coulter has said.

  3. Yeah, we have had a few good go-arounds, haven't we?

    Oh, the good ol' days...

    Remember the argument about launching something off of a bus that is going the speed of light? lol... Good times...