Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I say it's way beyond time.


  1. WOW. That was a textbook, typical liberal left wing stab at the Bush Administration. There was no substance to that video, just more complaining about Bush and no clear suggestions or solution. It was totally obscure, making statements about needing to 'take a look at the administration's actions'. Wow, like people haven't been doing that every day and second guessing every decision and statement the president has made since 9/11.

    Anyone hear the reports that are coming back about the success of the new policy in Iraq from the general in charge? No, because our media is to biased to report any good news about what is happening in Iraq. It's popular to bash the president, and this guy is just riding that popularity with this video.

    I find it humorous that he makes it sound like we're the only ones unhappy with Iran, like we picked their name out of a friggin hat and said "Oh, let's threaten Iran", not like they've been scoffing at the dozens of other countries that are urging them to stop development of Nuclear Weapons technology along with us.

    I agree that it's way beyond time - beyond time that we step up sanctions and pressure Iran to stop being a threat to the rest of the world.

    Or I guess we can keep second guessing and let them have their 'freedom' to continue on their course and eventually maybe we'll just get lucky and get blown up.

    Sounds like more political wheelspinning to me... Just my $.02...

  2. He is a left wing democrat, but the video's solution was offering the possibility of impeachment (which doesnt always mean removal from office).

    I heard the reports from the General Barbaro in charge over there saying we wouldn't know things at least for 6 months or more but it looked good so far. And Defense Secretary Gates saying it was far to early to tell. I'm not sure how that translates into "success".

    And IMO, we did basically pull Iran's name out of a hat. We aggravate the situation with them as they see us as Zionists out to destroy their way of life and legitimize Israel over them. It is kind of odd that we dont hassle Israel about having the bomb.

    Our foreign policy over a great many years has made us a lot of enemies in the middle east - and I cant say that I blame them in most respects. Their freedom is god given(whichever god that may be) and is inalienable just like ours. The United States doesnt give the right of freedom to the world - that's every man and nation's own.

    And on a personal note, I miss our discussions Joel.

  3. You and me both buddy. ; )

    Sorry for the rant, I just get sick and tired of hearing people complain without providing a solution. It was basically a 'Call to Peace' that doesn't provide any details about how we're supposed to establish peace.

    And I totally agree with your freedom comment - everyone deserves freedom. I don't believe we should be taking credit for giving anyone freedom, but certainly think what we have done in Iraq will set the stage for freedom to flourish. I just hope we are able help them get their troops ready to take over soon, and I hope they hold up to their end of the bargain, because I believe that a stable, free Iraq would be a huge example to the people in that region.

    The difference with Iraq and Israel seems pretty obvious to me. They fund terrorist groups for God's sake. I don't remember hearing about the president of Israel making comments about whiping another country off the map.

    Like I said, I don't think military action is the best solution but we're sure don't seem to be making much progress with the current level of discussions and sanctions that have taken place.

  4. Feel free to rant all you want brother - I am a comment whore. :)

    And although Israel doesnt say stuff about wiping other countries off the map, they are no angels. They break UN resolutions and cause a lot of problems in their own right. I guess at the end no one is innoncent.

    I do want Iraq to take over like you are talking about. I wish that we'd go a step further and say you have until X and if you dont have your shit together by then we are gone.

  5. I am a comment John then I guess. Hrm.. Did that come out right?

    Anyway, the toughest thing with setting timeframes is you're basically telling the terrorists how long they have to wait before we leave - they could just sit back and amass their forces and supplies and then unleash on the Iraqis as soon as we are gone.

    While we can't be totally open-ended, I think we need to set our sights on leaving when it is appropriate to leave, not when time is up. This is all, of course, depending on whether the Iraqis step up and hold up their end of the bargain.

    Holy crap it's beautiful out today. I'm hungry. Are you hungry?

  6. If we need to wait till the end of a terrorist threat then we might as well make them the 51st state.

    Plus that would show those asshole's in Puerto Rico!

    And that picture is disturbing on a lot of levels.

    However, less disturbing (in fact quite the opposite) there is a Sonic drive-thru opening soon in Van Wert! WOOT Yum!!!

  7. I am utterly dumbfounded. : )

    How do you do that Jon?!?

  8. What can I say.. It's an acquired skill man.. Some have it.. Some don't..