Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Crackdown 2 Wishlist

First off, I love Crackdown. But with most games that I play, I always find little things that I think could use some improvement. And there arent a whole lot in Crackdown and I feel it's a very complete and worthy game. Any enhancements could easily be put into a sequel of the game. The folks over at Aeropause recently made a list of things they'd like to see in a sequel and here are mine:

Enemy Targeting

When you Left Trigger lock on to an enemy, tapping left or right on the D-pad should cycle to the next enemy in the field of vision. Currently they arent used and it's hard sometimes to release your lock and re-lock onto someone else. I like that your lock stays put on the bodies so you can kick them into other baddies - there just needs to be a way to cycle targets if you want.


There is a LOT of water in Crackdown. If the next city features this much water, the game needs boats. Also with so much vertical space and development the game needs aircraft as well. Small planes, ultra-lights, helicopters, blimps and the like. All the vehicles in the game must be just like the cars where you can co-op cruise around with your friend too. Oh maybe even a mini sub for some super fine underwater zones. Oh and jet pack!

Orb Hunting Help

Orb hunting in Crackdown is a ton of fun. Jumping and climbing thru the city and finding agility and hidden orbs is a great mini-game (even if unintentional in its design) - however I need 2 or 3 more orbs till I reach the 500 for agility and I have no idea where else to look. Dont put a map in with them all on it, that would ruin the fun. But at least have an indicator by island and sub-area that there are X number of agility orbs still not located. Maybe for the secret hidden orbs just have the count be per island and not by sub-area.

New Zones

Crackdown is replete with unique areas to explore. From amusement parks to weird Epcot like structures to stone quarries and racing arenas. But for Crackdown 2, we need more. How about a football stadium, rock concert, space rocket center, steel factory (with lots of molten steel fun), an underwater city section, ski slopes, nuclear power plant, natural history museum, aquarium, a cluttered, narrow street full of merchants, race track, and a naval ship yard.


Unless you are playing co-op, you feel kind of alone in the game. Sure there are NPC cops and people, but your interaction with them isnt anything beyond their random talking and waves, to kicking and shooting them for fun to them shooting and kicking you for the aforementioned kicking and shooting of them. An NPC informant would be nice, and especially an NPC controlled garage that you could take your agency car to and get it repaired would be quite excellent. NPC's at the supply points to further parts of the story (or subplots) would be sweet too.

More Super Upgrades

When playing Crackdown, it's easy to dream of the exact same game but only played via superhero characters like Spider-man or the Hulk or whomever. And while fun to sandbox in for awhile it would severely overpower the current threat in Crackdown. So to would adding some other super upgrades. But there are a few that could be added that wouldnt spike you way above the world potential threat. Things like enhanced vision (night, motion, etc), bouncing, self-gliding, more guns/ammo carrying capacity, wall smashing or a big shockwave when landing. And the big one MELEE. I need more than just a spin kick to take my baddies down. I need a double-axe handle smash, a drop-kick, a juicy double-chest punch and the ability to pick up a living person and hurl them. I want to hurl the living!!!

More Stunt Bonuses and Achievements

If I hit one agility orb and before all the dots are collected, I hit another and another I should get some sort of chain bonus. Same with enemies. If I kill one and before his skill dots are collected to me I can drop another and another and another I should get a chain bonus.

Also there needs to be more dumb little achievements. Maybe not official XBOX Achievements but a nice list of things I've done (sort of like Fable). What's the farthest I've kicked something? What's the farthest I've fell and lived? What's the longest time I've been on fire? How man cars have I blown up only to have land back on my face? How far have I drove? How many cars have I drove? How far have I thrown a body or gotten blown up by a grenade? All that fun stuff.


I need a laser, heat beam, puke beam, cruise missile, and the ability to swing objects like a baseball bat to wreak further havoc. Oh and a flame thrower. And I better be able to light stuff on fire with my jet pack if I land on them too quick with the huge flame out.


Here's some more little things I didnt feel the time to make a better category for:
  • Back flips
  • Swan dives
  • purchased car upgrade parts like spikes
  • tanks
  • roller blades (maybe with rockets)
  • random normal crimes from citizens
  • bigger police force to hunt you the more evil you get, topping out at another agent
  • more online options, such as races, bounty hunting, full tilt deathmatch
If you havent already - go play Crackdown, it's an AMAZING game and well worth a sequel.


  1. Holy CRAP I need to go buy an XBox 360.


  2. yeah.. you do..
    Between this, oblivion, and Dead rising.. They are all fucking killer games..

  3. also it should have buildings that actually take damage rather then look perfect after a fuckin rocket hits it! Also It should have more places 2 explore and some kind of motorcycle would be cool especially if it up grades!