Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The snow has arrived

I am sitting at work right now. I'm the only one aside from a guy downstairs who lives in the building next to ours. Only one other person was able to make it in (thanks Brendan). Four guys had to stay the night here, but they all made it out this morning and are on their way home.

We had to close first shift down. Pretty crazy only the second time we have ever closed in over 10 years. The roads should be fine for second shift to open up though.

The Jeep made it thru the snow. Yay Jeep. :) Except the defrosters and heater kinda crapped out and didnt get warm enough so I had to keep wiping the windshield clean to see coming in.

The town I work in is up to it's old tricks again with their glorious snow removal. Thanks to the efforts of their plow trucks last night and the maze they made it took me 20 minutes to just get out of town. Not because of slow driving but due to the fact they plowed most of the roads shut so we had to follow their path as it looped all around.

They dont have a place to haul off all their snow, so they are making their huge ass piles of snow again downtown. Our street is one of the lucky ones to get this treatment and the pile is growing and growing. At least they are out there trying.

Oh well, I am going to finish some stuff up here and go home in case I need to come back and work tonight. I hope to have pics later.


  1. still waiting for pictures :(

  2. Oh god how I miss the crazy ass plow operators there....

  3. I missed my chance. They spent all day yesterday scooping up the enourmous piles and hauling them away to somewhere. :P

    I'll try to get some scans from the newspapers from around here.

  4. I hope we don't fill the landfills with snow.. then where will we put all the trash?!!?

  5. We can put all the trash in this thing:

  6. Argh fucking comment thing cutting off the URL.

    Use this link:

  7. wOOt that is awesome....

    Cory - bout time we got another Vista post, eh? I've been using it for about a week now and it's nice and smooth and shiney. But there are a lot of bugs that are driving me a bit nut-ty (credit to our favorite man of mystery).

    I have been tempted at times to install it on another machine.