Tuesday, February 20, 2007

I have seen the light!

So last night my friend Jason and I went down to Circuit City in Beavercreek and picked up my new television.

Here it is in the back up Jason's Durango. We are lucky it fit, the box was bigger than I thought it would be and since it's not a plasma we were able to lay it on it's side.

Here's a shot of it from the front seats. The back seats are folded flat and it filled the whole back.

So we got it home and unpacked and after some snow blowing, salt throwing and general fucking around, I finally sat down with my friend Nate (lucky sucker got off work early) and some McDonalds and fired the bad boy up.

Here it is in my living room all fired up and playing Futurama (episode: Parasites Lost). The blue box on the image is to show you the size of my old TV a Sony (yuck) 36" CRT beast. Yeah the new one is that fucking bigger. This picture really doesn't do the the size of this thing justice - it's enormous when you are sitting there watching it.

The stand I have it on is up too high, so you dont sit totally centered with it (which dims the picture a tiny tiny bit). So I have to go buy a lower stand made for these giant TV's.

When you line up with the exact middle the picture is almost 3D it's so real and deep. We played a ton of XBOX 360 and Dead or Alive 4 blew our fucking minds. It was the most amazing thing I've seen from a TV with the 360 running in an upscaling 1080p mode. On some of the finishing poses the hands literally looked 3D out of the screen.

This TV is REALLY bright and REALLy black. It's got a 10,000 to 1 contrast ratio. The blacks are very black and the bright light is almost more than you can stand to look at. Many times it would get super bright and we would be squinting or looking away as it was so bright. Cool thing is it has a photo-eye on it and it will brighten or darken the screen according to the rooms lighting.

Okay enough about my awesome TV. I would HIGHLY suggest anyone to buy this exact model, I am loving it so much it's insane.


  1. i don't think i would like it with that big blue box in the middle...


  2. It's a different world, isn't it? I must admit I do have a little viewing area envy. Here is my setup, just after we installed it last Christmas - 42" Plasma:

    My TV

  3. Man I love going to peoples pages and finding that they have left the phpinfo();
    up :)

  4. Thankie! Not always easy to keep the kids' fingerprints cleaned off, but anyway...

    Oh and the phpinfo() thing is/was intentional at one point. I just never took it down. I'm the admin for that server, and was confirming my php extensions configs a long time ago. I don't have a page there. I just use that homedir to throw up public files for stuffs.

    I put something else there. Happy Now?


  5. yes i am happy now geesh
    no reason to get all hostile

    I am well aware of the reasons for putting up said pages I just thought i would bring it to your attention in a less than friendly way

    by the way i still remember what you said about my dad :(

  6. Hehe, just messing around. You stole my mail utility, you dirty birdy. And you didn't put any pretty bevels or dropped shadows.

    Actually I don't remember what I said about your dad. Must have been quite the impression, eh? heheh...