Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Conversations Today at Work

I am brining out a new feature to the old blog. Someone I used to know posted the crazy shit we end up talking about at work on her blog and I got thinking about that today and decided it would be good to start this concept up again.

Let me preface this, there will be some crazy shit in these posts and all names have been changed to protect the innocent. ;) Sometimes these posts might be long or short depending on how many I remember to actually blog about.

---Conversations Today at Work---
  • What's the opposite of a turd? Some thought it was pee, but I decided that it's food and we all agreed.
  • In a pinch a dead frozen pigeon (or dove) can be used to transport semen to artificially inseminate someone far away.


  1. Yeah.. I remember some of my favorite conversations ever coming from the hallowed halls of that office.
    Oh the times we had..

  2. I remember wimpy sauce! Rawk!


  3. A secret admirer, hehe. I told your recipe on ebay.

  4. Hahah - told = sold.

    Yeah, I can still type 130 wpm but the letters on my backspace key are worn off.

  5. haha. Nice!

    Oh man now I'm hungry for some wimpy sauce!

  6. I'll kill your ass if you sell my recipe! besides, you don't know that the ultra mega secret ingredient is crack!! MWAHAAHAH

  7. ROFL - you could put that crap on a boot and I would eat it.

    An I know what the secret ingredient it and it is friggin disgusting! Hehe.

    I think Jon blows his keyboard out over a mixing bowl... Blech...

  8. not true!
    I do sometimes resort to eating the keyboard crumblins though..

  9. Man.. Now I'm hungry for some boot with wimpy sauce..
    Maybe this summer I'll make a big pot o wimpy sauce and have everyone up for a bbq!

  10. wOOt - we could have some hot Redwings!

    Wha-wha-whaaaaa... (rim shot)