Thursday, February 01, 2007

ATHF LED Assault on our Common Sense

"Remember Remember the 31st of January.
The Cartoon LED plot.
I know of no reason the Cartoon LED treason,
should ever be forgot."

I really cant believe this bullshit that happened in Boston and how the city totally overreacted.

In the city's defense, some of the 9/11 hi-jackers staged out of Boston and the city does have a responsibility to protect it's citizens, but they went WAY too far.

They said the objects (circuit boards with LED's, wires and batteries) looked sinister and as such the bomb departments were deployed to detonate many of the objects. If these guys arent trained enough to realize what these really are and the city chose to not do ANY detective work before reacting the way they did, then they deserve to be out the money it took them to grind Boston to a halt.


  1. Here are some quotes from (not sure if the link will work or not)


    "It had a very sinister appearance," [Massachusetts Attorney General Martha] Coakley told reporters. "It had a battery behind it, and wires."

    "They consisted of magnetic signs with blinking lights in the shape of a cartoon character.
    And everyone knows that bombs have blinking lights on ‘em. Every single movie bomb you’ve ever seen has a blinking light. "

    So, when will the big problem hit from someone saying that the other cities, smart enough to know better, didn't react enough to this potential terror attack?

  2. I'm a little disappointed in this post.

    I started it yesterday and saved it as a draft to finish when I had some free time, but didnt find a chance to until today and I ran out of venom to really make it more punchy.

  3. i think its just punchy enough.

    You would have thought the very first thing that would have set the homb squads "Hey this shit ain't setting anyone up the bomb" light off would have been the lack of anything that looked explosive.

    Did you see much about their press interview, pretty funny stuff.

    I was gonna drop these links in a post on my site, but here ya go.

    Too bad they didn't have one of these stickers:

    I think this properly sums it all up.

    But like every decent media event, it even has its own shirt now.