Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sitting here again

Well I am sitting here in the Internet lab at school waiting for class to start (in about 40 minutes).

I drove down early today to make sure I got a parking spot. I couldnt find one on Tuesday so I ended up and parked in a faculty spot and got a ticket. But today the parking lot is only half full (or empty) and there are plenty of places to park.

Class has been going quite well. We are still learning the basics of sketching, measuring, aligning angles and negative space. It's pretty basic stuff, but hey it is drawing 1. At first I wanted to find out if I could skip it, but I guess you cant and it's a pre-req for like 800 other classes.

At any rate it's teaching me to slow down and concentrate on my work. One of the worst problems I have is that I go way too fast. And when you're drawing for precise replication that's not always a good thing to do. There's another guy in my class who's probably on the same level as me, and varying degrees of skills for the other people in the class.

Right now there's a woman sitting in the lab getting help with her laptop from some guy. Seems like he's a school tech of some sort helping her out. She is so totally clueless about how her computer works. It's really the last thing I want to listen to after work. People really need to sit down and learn the basics of how to use a computer and the internet. It's really not that hard if you put forth some effort.

She cant find her short-cut to Internet Explorer (on XP), so she tried to download it again. How you ask? Well she was using Firefox and a version of Netscape. It's like - wtf - Pick a browser and stick with it. You have more internet browsers than you have brain cells at this point.

Now he found that her CD-rom isnt working. He just looked in device manager and it's not installed - on a LAPTOP! When was the last time you lost the driver for your CD-Rom on a laptop, or even on a desktop!

Tech: "So how did you lose the driver for this?"
Woman: "I dont know, yesterday it was there and now it's not."

Yep those crazy computer demons, they snuck in your system and removed the driver files for it. You certainly werent in there messing with shit you had no clue about.

Tech: "So nothing happened to the system at all?"
Woman: "Well I had a virus about a month ago. Nortons didnt catch it and I had to call tech support to get it off."

Of course, a virus. Sure. Now what the hell were you doing to get a virus? Honestly, I dont run anti-spyware or anti-virus software on my computers and I download shit like crazy and do all sorts of stuff and I dont get infected. The BEST thing you can do to keep yourself out of trouble is to THINK and dont just start clicking on shit.

Now he's describing how she should do a System Restore at this point because he cant find the short-cut for Internet Explorer and the CD-Rom driver is missing. Oh but first it looks like he's sharing a nice pirated copy of Microsoft Office with her. She's here, she's a student - we get that shit for free! Ugh.

It's only 5:30 at this point. I dont know how much longer I can sit here and listen to this.

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  1. oh, i don't know. i'm a rather big fan of the "random-clicking" philosophy. why, i wouldn't be suprised if i found her CD-Rom driver in the the Display Properties. at least, that'd be the first place i'd look.

    did her Marble Drop work though? Can't forget that!