Thursday, January 11, 2007

Go Keith!


  1. You can spend as much time as you'd like focusing on the past and the mistakes that have been made, but the fact is that we are there and WE NEED to win in Iraq. Polosi and several other major members of the democratic majority, which are screaming the loudest, supported a troop reinforcement as recently as late December, 2006.

    Our president is not the best we have had, maybe even far from it. But you have to respect that he is sticking to the mission in the adversity of so much disapproval - at least he has some level of integrity in that sense. The American people have been inundated with nothing but negativity for the last 4 years - every day all we here is 'another troop killed'... Is there any suprise that the approval ratings of the mission in Iraq are so low? War is never popular. And personally, I am fed up with the political film that is all over media's daily reports on the situation in Iraq. I am tired of hearing about how we shouldn't be "sending more US Kids" to Iraq. This type of filth is disrespectful to our armed forces, and plays on the emotions of people of an America that has almost never stood more un-unified.

    The only alternate plan that critics are pushing for Iraq is a 'phased withdrawal'. "We need to give Iraqi troops responsibility of their security". That is exactly what the president is proposing. He is providing a timeframe, and mentioning that Iraq's government understands that there will be consequences if they do not follow through their their obligations.

    A phased withdrawal, started before Iraq's forces are prepared to handle their new democracy's security, will lead to a power vacuum that terrorists and radicals will fill immediately, will result in the slaughter of countless people, and the foundation of a stronghold for terrorists from all over the region. America will never stand by and watch; we will end up back there anyway, and the fury of fighting will make the last 4 years look like nothing.

    We can win in Iraq, if we can stand as a united America, supporting our troops as they train the Iraqis and help them begin to take the reigns of a new nation. I think we need to start thinking of the entire situation as an issue of humanity and stop playing politics.

    Do you remember how you felt on 9/11? How bad you wanted to fight? I'm not saying we should continue on the path proposed by our president just because of 9/11, but it is sad that it takes something like 9/11 to rouse patriotism these days. If we pull out Iraq too soon, I fear we will have plenty more opportunities like 9/11 to make us appreciate and persuade us to protect the great nation we live in.

  2. Personally my biggest issue with this is that you can "win" a war. War is only serves itself and "victory at a price" is the name of the game.

    So at the end of the day you need to decide how many people are you willing to kill or lose before you declare yourself victorious.

    The thing about Iraq is the only ones who are going to declare that we have been victorious are the people in our own government. If tomorrow everything happened just as intended (and intentions are always good) and everything was done and "the stood up" and we could start leaving, no one - not one person would see this as a true victory because of how mismanaged and bungled it has been (often to the point of being an out-and-out crime).

    So what is this "win" that you speak of? What will that actually look like. It's always spoken of that when it happens it will erase all the pain, misery, strife and hate and there will be no more death and destruction in Iraq. Please.

    I'm sorry but over 3000 US casualties, 30,000+ Iraq civilian casualties, over $500 billion dollars spent and 4 years of effort - if they havent the guts enough now to try on their own - how is that our fault?

    It's time to stop trying to re-assemble this very delicate job with the broad hammer of the US military.

    And this has zero to do with supporting our troops, that's a pathetic attempt to make anyone who disagree seem anti-american or unpatriotic. I am neither.

    I do remember how I felt on 9/11. I remember being sick to my stomach and hoping that we hadnt done this to ourselves to play out some horrible vision and dream of doom in the middle east. Wow what a difference 6 years make. I wasnt filled with this vengeful seething rage to get those involved and commit egregious acts to them. Bringing someone to justice is not the same as enacting bloody revenge. No matter what country song is drumming into people's heads this week.

  3. Victory in Iraq would be leaving the country with a trained Iraqi army able to run it's own country.

    I'm not going to say that there hasn't been a heavy cost, but you never addressed the results that would follow a quick withdrawal.

    I don't want our troops there any more than anyone else, but you have to look at the grim reality that would follow that type of quick departure. Regardless of whether we SHOULD be there, we are there. Any mismanagement in the past, any deaths or dollars aren't going to change the fact that we have to do this thing right or we (and the rest of the world) are going to suffer grave consequences.

  4. I agree 100%. I just dont trust Bush or his administration to come up with the right plan, or be able to execute it.

  5. Well I think that your doubt is well-founded, and the importance of the situation should give us plenty of incentive to keep a close eye on things as they develop. We should be (and should have been) making adjustments as soon as they appear necessary, instead of waiting for the situation to spiral out of control and 75% of Americans to be sick of things before we look at making changes.

    I only wish there was some way to de-politicize this thing - I think so many people's vision is clouded by the one-sidedness of the media. I'm afraid we'll only get the daily ticker of new deaths, and no good coverage of progress being made.

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  7. A couple of things I think are important to keep clear while talking about this latest plan.

    1) US and foreign companies are making hand over fist due to our involvement over there and it would be in their best interest that things dont change. Through the blood of our military and the sweat of the 3rd world citizens coming there to work for these companies they are making huge profits.

    2) If 20 to 25,000 more troops are added it will be less than the maximum amount of troops that we have had there already in the past and that didnt seem to work either. Now if they are given the full green light and not hindered by the political forces at work in Iraq it might have a different outcome. but then again that would really only affect Baghdad.

    I would honestly be behind the President's plan IF he were to set out clear and measurable goals for the Iraqi's to attain and if not let it be known that we will begin to withdraw troops to zero before his term is over.

    Alas, I think he's just trying to shore it up for now and run the clock out so the next guy can clean it up.