Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Back to School

So here I am - it's 5:30pm and I am back in school. I got here early today and I am sitting in the internet cafe with a bunch of people wasting time. Most of them on MySpace.

My first and only class of this quarter is starting tonight - Drawing 1. I'm pretty excited and I got the "fun" teacher of this class, so it should be good.

I was going to take more classes, but the load last quarter was a lot with work and the commute and with bad weather coming this time of year, I thought one would be enough. Little did I know that global warming would move super fast and make the weather here nice. They blame it on a cylical El Nino', but I dont buy it. I mean sure you can name a trend like this something and say it only comes around every few years but still 2006 was the warmest year on record since we started keeping records and 2007 is predicted to be even warmer still.

New islands and mountains are appearing under arctic ice and the polar bears are sweating their nuts off.

Well instead of continuing this weather rant, I should also mention that 1) these stools we have to sit on royally suck 2) this machine doesnt have Firefox and I forgot just how bad Internet Explorer 6 actually is and 3) well I guess I dont have a 3, but why make a list if you only have 2 things - and I love making a list. I'm conversationally anal so bite me.

I got to drive my Mom's PT Cruiser down to school today because my car's in the shop. It's had some bad fumes coming off of it and I thought it was from a simple crack in the exhaust, but it turns out it's also a fuel line leak. So they are going to be replacing that tomorrow. Which means I get to work from home! YAY! I love working from home. I have a lot of web odds-and-ends to work on and it will be nice to not have the distractions of the office slowing me down.

I guess I should also mention that I arrived early today because I wanted to stop by the bookstore and find out if I needed anything for class. The bookstore woman told me "Yes, you'll need lots of stuff." Great, I thought - "Where is the stuff at?" To which she replied, "Have you been to class yet? Go to your first class and she'll tell you."

She knew what I needed, but thought it best I just show up and find out what I need when I get there. Oh well, I'll have to get them another time.

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